Precious (Episodes 35-43)

The God's Head
Episode 35
The God's Head is a powerful artifact that posseses what now is called Artificial Intelligence. It works much like a supercomputer, retrieving data, programs and abilities from whatever system or machine it connects with. When used for peace, this Precious can be used to efficiently operate hospitals or shelters. When used wrongfully, it can override and take control of any security system.

The Mountain Crushing Iron Rod
Episode 36
The Mountain Crushing Iron Rod is weapon capable of destroying a whole mountain with a single try. It's sealed deep within a mountain ironically. The mountain sends a mysterious boy who comes from a peach to recover it, when the Precious is stolen. It's protector is inspired by the Japanese folk tale "Momotaro" and in this story, he originiates from the tale.

The Jewel of Prosperity
Episode 37
The ring has a magical stone that can abosorb bad fortune and turn it good, giving the wearer of the ring great prosperity, however once every hundred years, the stone has to release all the bad fortune it has absorbed through the years and this causes an explosion capable of destroying a large city. Now it is that time. It must be dipped in a special liquid when it explodes to soften the blow.

The Rainbow Cloth
Episode 38
Dark Shadow's Shizuka of Wind obtains this previous and uses it to disguise herself as a nurse, dressed fighter, cowgirl and ultimate form Super Shizuka.

Prometheus Stone
Episode 39
It is a regular rock who after having witnessed war after war, came to have a its own will. When it is in an angry mood it explodes. In order to avoid the explosion the stone must be put in contact with salt from the Aegean Sea. The Boukenger end up babysitting it.

Mercurius Vessel
Episode 40-42
The Mercurius Vessel is an ancient greek Precious made to integrate all forms of items and components. The Questers got a hold of it. It was most prominently featured in episode 41. They pour the combination of the three following Precious down to create Homonculus [Advise the Ashu page]. The Vessel was retrieved by SGS.

Caduceus Staff
Episode 41
The Caduceus Staff is the Precious on which the caduceus symbol (the one with the snakes that most hospitals use) is based on. It can shoot powerful lighting attacks. Gajya got it out of a strange dead tree and cast a spell to pop it out.

Wise Man's Herb
Episode 41
The Wise Man's Herb is a Precious found inside a volcano's crater and apparently can give its consumer intelligence much like the Fruit of Wisdom. A Jaryuu go it out of a volcano.

Paracelsus' Mercury
Episode 41
Paracelsus' Mercury is the mercury supposedly created by the Roman physician/alchemist/occultist Paracelsus. Dark Shadow fetched it for the Questers.

Episode 43
It is a Precious made from clay that acts like a modern day robot, basically doing as it is told. Normally it's a small doll, but when the control plate (bottom left) is placed on it's forehead it grows and starts to move. The plate acts as a controller and when the first letter of it's inscription is erased, it deactivates. It was stolen from Santa Claus by Gajya and used against the Boukengers. They destroyed it with DaiVoyager Drill & Shovel.