GouGou Vehicles
Each GouGouVehicles has a Neo-Parallel Engine, based on the designs of the Manuscript of the famous Renaissance scientist Leon Giordana which was considered a Precious. Before Gajya could absorb their energy to become much more powerful when he was taking all the Precious' energy, Mister Voice sealed the rest of the GouGouVehicles, taking the Boukenger's powers. The vehicles had to be modified to not have the engines.

Bouken Drivers
Comes in case and then pops out controllers for whichever vehicle the ranger wants. They grab it from their headquarters and carry it to their vehicle. When the combine, they take it to the joint cockpit.

Their individual cockpits.

GouGou Vehicle #1:
Gougou Dump
Height: 15.1 Meters
Width: 24.6 Meters
Length: 30.3 Meters
Weight: 2100 tons
The scoopers on the top can scoop up dirt and rocks if needed. Satoru was dropped out of his vehicle in Episode 4 while his teammates were trapped in snow.

GouGou Vehicle #2:
Gougou Formula
Height: 8.9 Meters
Width: 11.3 Meters
Length: 19.7 Meters
Weight: 350 Tons
The top part can flip over and shoot missiles from it.

GouGou Vehicle #3:
Gougou Gyro
Height: 6.8 Meters
Width: 21.2 Meters
Length: 12.4 Meters
Weight: 290 Tons
First seen flying over the ocean where Shouta's teammates where uncovering a relic.

GouGou Vehicle #4:
Gougou Dozer
Height: 9.2 Meters
Width: 5.9 Meters
Length: 13.8 Meters
Weight: 130 Tons
It can pick up rocks and throw at villains. Natsuki also uses the scooper to bump the villain.

GouGou Vehicle #5:
Gougou Marine Diver
Height: 7.8Meters
Width: 5.7Meters
Length: 22.0 Meters
Sakura uses her diver to go to KamiGordom in the first episode, accompanied by Natsuki and Inou.

GouGou Vehicle #6:
Gougou Drill

Height: 9.5m
Width: 11.4m
Length: 31.0m
Weight: 650t
Speed: 360km/h
Output power: 350 ten thousand horsepower
Introduced: Episode 4
Satoru couldn't handle the power of this vehicle while testing it, he overcame it when he had to rescue his teammates who were trapped in their vehicles in snow.

BoukenRed in the cockpit of the Gougou Drill.

BoukenYellow later piloted the Gougou Drill in Episode 11.

GouGou Vehicle #7:
Gougou Shovel

Height: 13.0m
Width: 11.4m
Length: 21.1m to 31.6 m
Weight: 220t
Speed: 400km/h
Output power: 250 ten thousand horsepower
Introduced: Episode 5
Attack: Shovel Swing
Sakura piloted it to battle Takumigami Biopanzer and save a little boy.

BoukenPink in the cockpit of the Gougou Crane.

GouGou Vehicle #8:
Gougou Mixer

Height: 13.0m
Width: 12.2m
Length: 26.5m
Weight: 620t
Speed: 380km/h
Output power: 250 ten thousand horsepower
Introduced: Episode 7
It was used to mix cement to pour on top of a building where Jaryuu where up to no good. In Episode 8, Inou called upon it to pour cement on Vril which was in the form of multiple BoukenBlues.

BoukenBlue in the cockpit of the Gougou Mixer.

GouGou Vehicle #9:
Gougou Crane

Height: 14.1m
Width: 11.4m
Length: 34.1m
Weight: 710t
Speed: 320km/h
Output power: 350ten thousand horsepower
Introduced: Episode 9
When Kawazugami swallowed Nami-emon's temple, BoukenBlack took control of Gougou Crane and pulled the temple out of the monster's mouth.

BoukenBlack in the cockpit of the Gougou Crane.

GouGou Vehicle #10:
Gougou Jet
Width: 87.6m
Length: 47.2m
Weight: 2000t
Output power:1000 horsepower
Introduced: Episode 16
Morio worked hard on the Gougou Jet amd it was finally ready for Satoru. He used to take Ragi to fetch the Aqua Crystal.

BoukenRed and Ragi in the cockpit of the Gougou Jet.