Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan
Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan
JAPAN 1981 - 1982
Number of Episodes: 50
Air Dates: February 7, 1981 to January 30, 1982

The third sentai series and last Toei series with a Marvel copyright (but apparently no Marvel involvement) to date. Smallest team to date. Compare with Liveman. The only series with a change in team leader. 50 episodes the threat machine empire Black Magma causes the GWP to decide to establish the Solar Task Force at a summit. From the GWP's air force, navy, and rangers, Commander Arashiyama assembles three specialists to become Sunvulcan. Harsh training begins. Learning of this, Black Magma attacks the GWP base, but the Sunvulcan debuts in time to save it. Hellsaturn prays to the Black Solar God and is rewarded with a revived Queen Hedrian, now a cyborg with a mechanical heart and a metallic afro. But plot after plot of Black Magma, even with Hedrian's aid, fails. Following the death of Zero one, AmazonKiller, a Vader, arrives from space, destroying the Sunvulcanbase. A new Vulcanbase is built.

The original Vul Eagle, Ryusuke Owashi, is replaced by a friend and master of the sword, Takayuki Hiba. The team successfully defends the psychic descendant of the Denzi, the nun Himiko, from Black Magma. Shortly after this, Lightning Galaxer shows up. Sunvulcan devises the New Vulcan Ball, but their attacks are no use against Lightning Galaxer until he becomes the gigantic Lightning Monger. Finally, the trio and their commander go to the North Pole to rescue Arashiyama Miki, and succeed not only in doing so (despite a fake Miki to confuse them), but also in defeating the Omnipotent God, the true leader of Black Magma, by feigning surrender and striking when it lowers its guard.

Movies / Specials:
Sun Vulcan Movie (1981)