Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Mahou Sentai Magiranger
JAPAN 2005 - 2006
Number of Episodes: 49
Air Dates: February 13, 2005 to February 05, 2006

The Five Ozu siblings were outside with their mother after a family emergency when a strange symbol appeared from under them. Their mother hurried them aside and a giant monster appeared. They all ran toward home but their mother decided to go back to fight the monster. She transformed into a warrior and destroyed the monster. After witnessing that, their lives were never the same. Five Magus built Magitopia where their family is from. A war between the Infershia and Magitopia had occured unbeknownst to humans. The Sky Saints were betrayed by their comrade Raigel and in turn the Ozu father Bragel was venerable for N.Ma to take control of him. Bragel then became Wolzard who enabled the Infershia to rise from within the Earth and after revenge from their imprisonment that occured nearly a decade ago.
Endowed with magic powers, the Ozu siblings vowed to live up to their family's legacy. They gained a mentor in their father's old apprentice, skysaint Sungel henshins as MagiShine. He operates Travelion along with this cat genie buddy Smoky who is very mischievous. When their powers were taken, they went into the gut of a fish to seek the guidance of their mother's sky saint Snowjiel who gave them their Legend powers. Endowing them with new armor, MagiDialRods, and the power to become the MagiLegend. In the secrets discovered where that their enemy Wolzard was their father, their mother whom they thought was murdered was actually alive. The eight then fought together aganis the gods of the Infreshia who stepped in while N.Ma was incapacitated. Sungel officially joined the family when he married the third born Urara.

Show Opening/Closing Changes:
From the first episode before the opening sequence, there is a opening to the hour block of Magiranger and Kamen Rider Hibiki announcing it is Super Hero Time. Before the ending sequence, Mandora-boy is always there with a magicial lesson or recap of the magic used on the show be it the newest arsenal or a trick a ranger did. When it is something involving Wolzard, Nai and Mea are there. The opening sequence changes in episode 21, each ranger gets a graphic that matches MagiShine's, probably to cover up the last one where the helmet visors reflected a room with lights and chairs. This sequence also features Wolkaizer, Travelion and FireKaizer with the other MagiMajins. In episode 32, Firekaizer is replaced with MagiLegendKing. Before Episode 31, the Super Hero Time opening returns but this time, with the Legend Magiranger and Magishine and the new Hibiki riders which occurs more often after episode 33. In episode 35, the Pantheon gods take the place of the Infreshia.

Magiranger The Movie: The Bride of the Infershia Magiranger vs. Dekaranger
Hyper Battle Video :
Kodnasha Magiranger OVA Special
(Length: 12 mins)