Seijuu Sentai Gingaman
Seijyu Sentai Gingaman
JAPAN 1998 - 1999
Number of Episodes: 50
Air Dates: February 22, 1998 to February 14, 1999

The Baruban space pirates invaded Earth and lived on a castle on top of Daitanikusu Three-thousand years ago. The stellar beast Daitnaksu had a great empty stomach and started sucking the energy out of the stars. The Gingaman, warriors from the Ginga forest and the Seijuu, the Star Beasts, fought the Balban with the mystical power of the Earth and finally sealed the Baruban at the ocean's bottom. The Ginga people masked their forest in marked boundaries and observed the Earth's safety for years, each generation providing a team of warriors in case the Balban should escape. This was the 133rd generation, and Hyuuga, Gouki, Hayate, Hikaru and Saya were chosen as the warriors of the legendary swords known as the SeiJuuKen.

While the Elder Oogi held the ceremony of the succession of SeiJuuKen, an earthquake broke the seal of Balban. Oogi sent the warriors to get the Ginga Bracelets, hidden in Roaring Mountain which was at the outside of the forest's boundaries. However, the Balban attacked them to prevent the birth of the new Gingaman. Ryoma, Hyuuga's younger brother, foolishly challenged Captain Zaihabu of the Balban. He would have been killed, but Hyuuga took the blast instead. Then Zaihabu opened a crack in the Earth, and Hyuuga fell in. Unable to reach his brother's hand, he instead gave Ryoma the sword, before he fell deeper into the Earth. Upset by his brother's supposed death, Ryoma became GingaRed, and let off a blast which brought the five their Gingabracelets. The Balban sought out a new power source to revitalize Daitanikusa. Our heroes spent the series trying to prevent them from their plot. The Gingaman had power coins with the symbols of their guardian creatures. Hyuuga returned through Bull Black and when the great warrior died, Hyuuga became Bull Black.

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