Dark Shadow
Ninja assassins excel in stealth spying and perform the patience technique.

Maboroshi no Gekkou
English Translation: Gekkou of the Vision
First Appearance: Episode 3
Last Appearance: Last Task
Height: 43cm
Weight: 15.5kg
The ring leader was once a ninja but now an owl-like creature. He creates Tsukumogami with a round of scroll papers that go aorund the items he wants to merge. To make them grow, he uses the method as well. It's revealed in task 44 that as the leader of the Society of Shadow (now Dark Shadow), he lost his human body when sealing the Demon Bird. Yaiba betrays Dark Shadow and breaks the seal of the Demon Bird, but the Boukengers are able to defeat it. Gekkou, heavily injured because of the battle swears revenge against Yaiba of Darkness. In Task 48, seeing the havoc caused by Gajah, Gekkou decides to leave the country for a while, helping Souta in discovering his own treasure on the way out.

Demon Bird
Height: 60.8m
Weight: 105tons
A bird monster that appeared in the Hermit's Gorge hundreds of years ago was sealed by Gekkou in exchange of his own body and it's magic power resides in the Demon Bird Magic Orb, which is hidden in a hill in Hermit's Gorge. Disobeying direct orders, Yaiba broke the orb with the help of the Triple Moon and Gekku became the monster itself being controlled by it. It brings cataclysmic storm clouds and lighting and can shoot fireballs from it's beak. Not even DaiVoyager was able to withstand it's power, but when Eiji and Natsuki restored the seal in the orb, the Demon Bird got weak and was defeated by the Adventure Double Screw.

Yami no Yaiba
English Translation: Yaiba of the Darkness
First Appearance: Episode 3
Last Appearance: Episode 46
Height: 215.8cm
Weight: 107.3kg
Has evolved armor and armed with two swords that can be combined into a double bladed Naginata. His signature attack is sending a hail of deadly origami cranes in different colors. Yaiba hides a terrifying robotic face behind his helmet. He attacked and slew Masumi's abusive excavation group when Masumi himself was little, and since then, Masumi has been plotting a venomous revenge. In episode 44, Yaiba directly disobeys Gekkou's orders and seeks the power of the Demon Bird, even at the cost of Gekkous life. After the plan fails and the Demon Bird is sealed again, Yaiba is expelled from Dark Shadow. He intended for Masumi to receive the power of the Three Headed Dragon of Darkness by embracing the darkness within himself so he could rule over eternal darkness that would have been brought to Earth. However, when Yaiba told Masumi about his plans in episode 46, both engaged in combat as the light within Masumi grew stronger, with Yaiba being ultimately destroyed by Masumi's Hammer Dynamite. His last words were "There is darkness within you, Inou Masumi, you'll never escape from its power...!"

Kaze no Shizuka
English Transaltion: Shizuka of the Wind
First Appearance: Episode 3
Last Appearance: Last Task
Height: 169cm
Weight: 47.2kg
A female ninja referred to as a Kunoichi who fights with a multitude of weapons. She disguised as a temple priestess and stole the two of the Three-Country Sword of Leadership. She then took Jougami to take the third and fought the Boukenger. She is a cheerful waif and just as deadly. She disguised herself as one of the SGS, in a blue jacket only, in episode 9. She can also call for the Gordom's Karths, evidence in episode 14. She was soon assigned the task of killing Yaiba for his betrayal, though she was unable to do it. In episode 48, on the way out of the country along Gekkou, Shizuka helps Souta to discover his own treasure.

Super Shizuka
Height: 206cm to 58.5m
Weight: 80.4kg to 24.31t
Shizuka of Wind got a Precious called the Rainbow Cloth, she became Tsukumogami-like and combated the Boukenger. They defeated this form and she returned to normal.

Creatures created from objects, usually a combination of two items, by Gekkou.

Height: 206cm to 49.2m
Weight: 96.8kg to 23.1t
Created from an antique sewing machine and laser discs to help Shizuka in retrieving the Three-Country Swords of Leadership. His sword was made of two combined Three-Country Swords. He was destroyed by Daibouken. NOTE: The First-Cheer Drum brought him back in Episode 24 along with others.

Height: 219 cm to 56.5 m
Weight: 102.9 kg to 1950 tons
Created from a 15th-17th century smoothbore firearm called an arquebus. He was sent after the Pearl of Empire and powered-up to become the Takumigami Biopanzer and lost it to Gougou Shovel's Shovel Swing attack thanks to Sakura. NOTE: The First-Cheer Drum brought him back in Episode 24 along with others.

Takumigami Biopanzer
A crane with a buzzsaw that almost cost a little boy's life and was rescued by Satoru's Dumper.

Height: 222cm to 66.0m
Weight: 104.3kg to 30.0tons
Created from an money purse and vacuum cleaner, had ability of Cyclone suction to ingest objects into money pouches. As a giant he swallowed Nami-emon's temple/home. Masumi used the Go Go Crane to pry open its mouth. Kawazu means Toad in Japanese but is use here because in Japanese culture a purse resembles a toad's mouth.

Height: 215cm to 57.0m
Weight: 116.5kg to 31.0 tons
Created by an antique firestove bellow and a new speaker and sent to retrieve the Pipes of Hamelin, he even used the silver one to make Masumi, Souta, and Natsuki fight Satoru and Sakura, but this was soon reversed. Defeated by the Dual Crusher (wielded by BoukenPink) and terminated by Super DaiBouken. NOTE: The First-Cheer Drum brought him back in Episode 24 along with others.

Height: 205cm to 60.0m
Weight: 111.1kg to 26.5 tons
Created from dark clay and a new camera. Able to change his own figure freely like clay. He was disguised as Natsuki's young sister "Miria", and planted fake memory in Natsuki. Natsuki who was deceived, pounced on Masumi and other Boukengers. After being defeated by the Dual Crusher (used by BoukenYellow), the giant Nendo-gami mimicked took Masumi's human form before being terminated by Super DaiBouken. Nendo means clay in Japanese. NOTE: The First-Cheer Drum brought him back in Episode 24 along with others.

Height: 207cm to55.0m
Weight: 80.7kg to 21.5t
Created from an old silk hat and an animal Zukan (pictorial book). He turned people into a selected animal from the book on it's chest (Satoru into a goldfish, Masumi into a dog and Natsuki into a type of Parakeet called a Budgerigar). Shizuka and Zukan-gami intended to turn selected humans into animals and by means of Solomon's Ring control them all, thereby creating a Dark Shadow crew of intelligent animals to find the world's Precious. He and Shizuka acted similar, evening excaliming 'Jesus Christ' when sad. It could also summon rope or a snake that turns into chains to bind his opponents, throw exploding trump cards, copy the Dual Crusher, and reflect SirenBuilder's attack. His final attack is the Zukangami Saber Cutter. NOTE: The First-Cheer Drum brought him back in Episode 24 along with others.

Height: 212c to 48.0m
Weight: 127.8kg to 30.5 tons
It was supposed to be created from an old Japanese fan and a new air conditioner but Shizuka accidently dumped trash into it making it weak-minded and sweet. After being kicked out of the Dark Shadow, Akutagami finds a batch of The Fruit of Wisdom that fell into him during 'battle' and he eats it. When smarter, his bowling ball eyes become full and white while his 'mouth' is surrounded with blue. Dark Shadow and the Jaryuu then wanted to use the super-smart Akutagami but he instead wants to help Sargess to find the precious. However, after seeing what humanity has turned into, Akutagami decides to make them all pay by throwing trash on them. Eventually, after all the Fruit of Wisdom was gone, Yaiba defeats him and Gekkou turns him into a giant. He is destroyed, but thanks to the friendship that he made with Eiji, Akutagami was able to return to his original form. He forgot all about what happened, so Eiji decides to let him go to a place where nobody would harm him.

Height: 207cm to 55.0m
Weight: 80.7kg to 21.5 tons
Created from an old sextant (compass) and a new chalk, this Tsukumogami was the main professor of the mysterious Adventurer School Dark Shadow was using to sacrifice an ultimate adventurer to unsink "The Ship of the Sky", a sailing ship precious. He took five alumni (including Souta, Natsuki and the leftover Shimada) to obtain the Excellent Adventurer. However his plans failed and after being destroyed by the Dual Crusher, Gekkou revives him giant and is defeated by Daibouken and Siren Builder's Fliying Adventure Drive. When a pupil fails, Shirubegami applies his "Chalk Attack" in which he vigorously throws, instead of the soft calcium plaster chalks, calcium carbonate, extremely hard "attack chalks". Shirube means to point or sign in Japanese.

Height: 210cm to 55.0m
Weight: 82.0kg to 23.0 tons
Created from an Omamori (O-mamori means "good luck charm" or "amulet" in Japanese.) and a new computer, this Tsukumogami was intended to pass as one of the three "The God's Head" red herrings in an exchange operation by Dark Shadow. He is ultimately destroyed by the Adventure Double Screw of Dai Voyager. This Tsukumogami uses the omamori's protective wish and transforms it into a program that enables the Super Omamori Flash. Even though Mamorigami can access systems and control them, he is not as powerful as "The God's Head", who can create programs from zero. The whole word "Mamorigami" means "guardian god".