Choriki Sentai Ohranger
Choriki Sentai Ohranger
JAPAN 1995 - 1996
Number of Episodes: 48
Air Dates: March 03, 1995 to February 23, 1996

600 million years ago, Ancient Mankind (probably not the same race as in Zyuranger) created the rebel robot Bacchus Wrath, who was banished off Earth by Riki/King Ranger. In 1999, the machines of Baranoia now intend to wipe out humanity and bring about machine rule on Earth. Chief Counsellor Miura brought back to life the energies that had been given birth by the lost super civilization on the supercontinent of Pangaea 600 millions years ago. Putting together the pieces of a stone plane discovered three years ago, the secrets of 'superpower' became known. The Ohranger base was built in Japan's Southern Alps, where remnants of the lost super civilization were found. Miura built a pyramid that generated Tetrahedron Power--the power needed to give the five UA officers the ability to change into the Ohrangers. The legendary Riki/King Ranger reappears in modern times to aid the team.<

Movies / Specials:
Ohranger Movie (1995)
Kakuranger VS Ohranger (1996)
Carranger VS Ohranger (1997)