Uchuningun Jakanja
Specials and Movies

The Fire-infulence red monkeythat appears in Hurricanger: Shushutto. He is the brains of the operation, he is after the princess to get the Tri Condor. He kidnaps her and places her in a complicated bomb system.

The Blizzard-infulence green chunky monkey that appears in Hurricanger: Shushutto. He freezes the Jakanja so they didn't mess with their plans.

Uchu Shinobi Zaru
The combination of Hizaaru and Burizaaru that the rangers destroyed.

Chuzubo's little brother, appears in Hurricanger vs Gaoranger. He gains the G-Phones for the Jakanja. Satorakura, Sargain, Wendinu, Furabijou, and Manmaruba transform into the Gaoranger.

Jani Iiga
The villain from Abaranger vs Hurricanger.
The Jani is Ninja, backwards, in Kanji. There were three versions of him, one purple, other blue and silver.