Hurricane Gyroscope
The respective Sinobi Medals are placed in the wrist-placed transformation item. To henshin they shouting "Shinobi Changer!" (Shinobi means ninja) to become Hurricanger. They can shoot the Gyro Shuriken (little disks in form of the Hurricanger symbol) out of the Hurricane Gyro.

Keitaininto Hayate Sumaru
This common Hurricanger weapon is strapped to the back at all times. Push the right button and get the right power. Can be used either as a sword, or as a rifle. Different codes are punched in for different attacks. The rifle has a laser blaster ability.

The Hurricangers can each summon a weapon - the Dry Gun, Sonic Megaphone, and Quick Hammer.

Dry Gajet
Alternate Spelling: Dry Gadget
Their weapons can be assembled in three formations. With the Dry Gun in front, it fires a blast of energy. The attack is called Fire Brust.
Quick Gajet
Alternate Spelling: Quick Gadget
With the Lion Hammer in front, it drops a crushing 100 ton weight on its target. The attack is called Quick Giant.

Sonic Gajet
Alternate Spelling: Sonic Gadget
With the Sonic Fin in front, it captures its target in a bubble and destroys it. Sonar Wave attack.

Gourai Changer
Henshin Device of the Goraijer (Kabuto Raijya and Kuwagata Raijya). They were given them by their father. They were unable to defend their acamedy. Appears in Episode 8.

Horn Breaker
Stag Breaker

The Stag Breaker can grab opponents and zap them with destructive energy. The Horn Breaker can fore rapid bursts of energy. The Stag Breaker can combine with a Thunder Staff. Appears in Episode 8.

Double Gadget
Alternate Name: Gouraibuki
The Goraijer's two weapons combine into the Double Gadget, which can fire a powerful ball of energy,

Ikazuti Maru
Each Goraijer carries a multi-functional staff that can extend into a full length staff, transform into the Juujino Kata for throwing, and transform into the Engetsu no Kata that creates a force field for defense.

Victory Gadget
The Hurricangers and Goraijers can combine all five weapons into the awesome Victory Gadget. First appears in Episode 19.

Shurikenger knocks out some poor shumck and copied his appearance. To make the Hurricanger or the villain believe he was this person, he would transform with the Shurikenball. He would shout "Tenku Shinobi Change!"

This Shurikenzubatto can transform into a sword or into a baseball bat with a special attack hitting multiple balls.

Ninja Misen
Shurikenger found a Shamisen-based weapon. By playing the Ninja Misen, a Ranger can summon the Revolver Mammoth. He uses his Shinobi Medal as a guitar pick.You can also attach it to the Hayate Samaru for Hurricane Red to use it. Kabuto Raijya attaches Ikazuti Maru to for his use. Attacks are Shuriken Trick, Red Sonic, Blue Sonic, Yellow Sonic, Kuwaga Sonic, and Kabuto Sonic

Kirai Maru
Kuwagata Raijer obtains his father's Ikazuchi Maru, the Kirai (Hate) Maru in episode 38. It is a katana and it can slice through any object. But its power comes witha price, it is supposed to be used to fight enemies but was changed by Ikki to damage loved ones, in this situation, Isshu's teammates.