Ikkou Kasumi, Kabuto Raiger
Full Name: Ikkou Kasumi
Ranger Designation: Kabuto Raiger
Weapons: Horn Breaker, Ikazuti Maru, Kirai Maru
Gear: Gourai Changer, Bari Thunder
Karakuri Machine: Gorai Beetle

Kabuto Raiger's technique is Shadow style. His mecha is the GoraiBeetle. Kabuto is translated into English as Rhinocerus Beetle. It's scentific name is allomyrina dichotoma. He seemed to be admired at Ikazuchi Way School. In Episode 17, he was driven mad. Because of a message of destiny from his notorious father, Ikkou is convinced he must kill even his own brother. Ikkou went even more insane when he was affected by gas that emitted from an island. He wanted to save some kids from the gas. It left a green residue on his helmet. In Episode 18, he swore that even though the Gouraiger fought along side the Hurricanger, they are still not a team. The Hurricanger saved their lives from Chuuzubo and gradually they joined forces. In Episode 22, the Gouraiger finally go to the Hurricanger's secret lair. Ikkou even used Oboru's computer!
Manmaruba had a thing against Ikkou. In Episode 23, he conjured a spell on him that implanted a bug in him that caused him pain. "The god of death in your body is getting big." He refused to go to the Hurricanger for help having too much pride. In Episode 28, he went to a spiritual guy known as Nano-sensei to get the egg out of him. He told him that is hopeless and that he will die. Ikkou even challenged Yousuke to fight him in Episode 31 but he refused. Ikkou accepted his fate but Isshu didn't like him talking like he was going to die. Ikkou said something among the lines of "Let's fight as Gouraiger one last time." Ikkou ended up in a hospital in Episode 32. He was cured when Yousuke gets a scorpion and the doctor trades the pain energy to Yousuke.

Other neat attacks: He has a cool illusion attack in which he can make himself giant. In Episode 9, he squished Hurricane Yellow's multi-illusion (making himself into five copies) and when the attack finished, Yellow was squash deep in the ground. He also used this trick on Mugensai in the finale to get his diploma.