Hurricane Hawk
In the docking bay, it is the first one on the top. Hurricane Red's Hurricane Hawk materializes through a holographic portal disguised as a commerical airplane on a jet liner. It attacks by leaving a trail of flames, and forms the head of the Senpuujin. It has a Firebird mode attack which means it is lit on fire and it can circle around an enemy, setting them on fire. It first appeared in Episode 2.

Hurricane Lion
Hurricane Yellow's Lion materializes through a holographic portal disguised as the roller coaster that runs through a Faris Wheel at the Korakuen Amusement Park which wasn't even finished in 2002 when the series started. By spinning its mane, the Whirlwind attack involves creating a tornado which hurls debris at it's target. It first appeared in Episode 2.

Hurricane Dolphin
Hurricane Blue's Dolphin materializes through a holographic portal disguised as a cruise liner. t is then beneath the water and jumps out a Sea World aquarium during one of those shows where you get splashed if you sit in the first row. She can call upon a Tsunami mode that means the Dolphin can pull a tidal wave behind it. The dolphin dances in the tidal wave. When the wave is done, it is digitally teleported away. It first appeared in Episode 2.

Width: 55 m
Height: 1920 m
Weight: 1000 tons
Alternate Spelling: SenPuuJin, Sempujin, Senpujin
The three Shinobi Machines can combine into the Senpuujin which means Whirlwind God. The Senpuujin can summon different Karakuri Balls from its chest, each one giving it different abilities when they place their Shinobi Medal in a slot. Steam comes out when they are fully assembled. Ninpuu Hayate Circle can also act as a drill and a strenthening mechanism for the Senpuujin. The Hurricangers are in seperate cockpits. It can also transform into Senpuujin Harrier, giving it increased speed and agility. To transform, they yell "Hurry up!" In Episode 3, it only lasted for 60 seconds. When they want it to power down they say "Hurry Down!" Harrier with a twin set of blades it carries called Double Hurrier Sword. Harrier uses a Wheel Crusher attack with the Double Hurrier Swords. This attack is introduced in Episode 5. It was destroyed in a hurricane when Tao Zanto attacked.

Senppujin Harrier
Width: 50 m
Height: 1920 m
Weight: 750 tons
Alternate Spelling: Hurrier