Uchuningun Jakanja
Sargain Corp List Two (Episode 30-46)
These are the mechanic ninjas Sargain sent. Wendinu presses the buttons of her private
palm pilot It then sends a torpedo that becomes a giant robot called the "Copy Giant".
The robot duplicates itself as the fallen monster. Sargain was done in on Episode 43,
his last robots were seen in Episode 46.

Furabijenu the Beauty Girl Ninja
Height: 170cm to 510 (when giant)
Weight: 150kg to 450 (when giant)
After every other Jakanja had failed, Furabijo decided to do her own mission. She got a robot that not only looked like her but also mimiced her actions. Sargain also got jealous that she is a robot because he is in charge of robots. Furabijenu was as joyful as her maker but also very powerful, powerful enough to beat up the Gouraijer. The Jakanja praise Furabijo... to the point that they praise Furabijenu more! They like her so much, they vote to replace poor Furabijo. She is mistreated by the Jakanja so she decided to leave and went to the Hurricanger on Earth for help. The only weakness of Furabijenu is that she has to energize her four battery bulbs/power cells. They take a week or so to fill up. Oboru designs a remote control to stop Furabijenu and Furabiijou betrays the Hurricanger. She says, "Hurricane Blue was sure stupid to fall for that. I got you guys to build me the remote control." Nanami says, "Oh, you're unforgivable." Windenu sends the Copy Giant to grow Furabijenu.

The remote control Oboru made to control Furabijenu.

Jukukinoko the Brainwashing Ninja
Height: 212cm to 636 (when giant)
Weight: 320kg to 906 (when giant)
A mushroom/school teacher robot gathered by Sargain for Windenu. Windenu disguises as a store clerk and hands mothers flyers about a 'cram school' for children. Jukukinoko comes into the store, bumbling about the flyers and the customers run off screaming at the sight of the monster. She needed him to brainwash children into attacking the Hurricanger, Goraijer and Shurikenger. The children indeed attack them and blast them with magnifying glasses. Windenu gets really mad and becomes giant all by herself. She fights the mecha and when she sees Hashimoto (who she has a crush on), she blushes and shrinks back to normal size. Then she calls the Copy Giant down from Earth to a giant Jukukinoko to fight the heroes.

Musasabisutaru the Gliding Ninja
Height: 221cm to 693 (when giant)
Weight: 316kg to 948 (when giant)
As some of you might know... Sargain, in reality, is a armor for a small robot ant that operates in the head. So in this episode, Sargain gets a new armor. He hops into Musasabi and flies down. He drops sweet, amber-colored crystals over a crowd of people on their way to work. "Oh, how pretty!" those below remark and all reach down to pick up the crystals, wondering if they aren't some sort of precious gem. The humans holding them are sucked inside. The gems are sucked into his main crystal on his chest. Sargain later gets blasted out of his new suit. Windenu calls upon the Copy Giant to make a big Musasabi. Sargain hops into his regular black suit and gets a remote control to operate the giant Musasabi.

Fusyokuruga the Corrosion Ninja
Height: 240cm to 720 (when giant)
Weight: 312kg to 936 (when giant)
He is a immortal moth. He scatters scaly powder from the sky. He can revive himself, so technically he can't die.

Megatagame III
Height: 55 m to 16500 (when giant)
Weight: 1900 Kg to 5700000 (when giant)
The third and in blue. Its search system is equipped in the chest. When it faces Senpujin and Goraijin, it radidates a mysterious radio wave and steals the Karakuri Ball data. In the cockpit, Sargain set the Arrow Medal in a slot and the computer revealed that within the medal contained the code signatures for all six of Shinobi Medals---caused by the stolen power of Hurricanger, Goraijer and Shurikenger. When the ninja where fighting Satorakura and Sargain, Sargain came along with Megatagame. They hop in their mecha. Senpujin fires out their Karakuri ball Hitode. Megatagame III's red dot scans the information and places it in a compact disc for Sargain. He also gets info from the Goraijer's Kabuto Gani and Shurikenger's Spin Bee. Sargain laughed sinisterly. When they released the Tri Condor, that is when the compact disc got full of information. You could tell from the light that would form. The Tenraisempujin destroyed Megatagame III which the Hurricanger celebrated. But Sargain already had the info, so he jumped out safetly with the disc. Shurikenger told the others he was up to something but he said, "I don't know". The Goraijer asked if the info was from Gozen and he said "Yes." He offered to take them to her in the Tempujin.

Height: 57m to 17100 (when giant)
Weight: 2100 Kg to 6300000 (when giant)
Sargain obtains it. Sandaru's Seal Stone becomes the Raging Arrow Medal. The medeal brings forth the Karakuri ball for GainGain--the Raging Arrow. We get the first glimspe of him in Episode 42. Sargain went to a loading dock. He brought it out and the team returned with the Tenraisempuhin to fight it but it copied each of it's moves and did not get hurt by it's attacks. He introduces the karakuri ball from his center. Raging Arrow appears and it is dangerous. In episode 43, He managed to tear them apart. The six in the Tri Condor flew around and magically picked up the damanged mecha. They had to repair each one. He used the medal again with the arrow calling upon the heroes. Since they don't have their shinobi machines, the Hurricanger go on their wingers and Goraijer on their bikes. They call out Sargain, he jumps out and fights them. They try the Quick Gadget on him but he slices the ton ball out. Oboru then readies the Shinobi Machines, as soon as he sees them, Sargain jumps in GainGain. Gozen powers up the Revolver Mamoth and Tenraisempujin to battle GainGain. They bring upon all the karakuri balls at once to defeat GainGain. The Raging Arrow transforms into the medal and Huricane Red jumps out and captures it. Sargain jumps out badly beaten, smoke coming out of him.

Height: 53m to 15900 (when giant)
Weight: 1060 tons to 3180000 (when giant)
Weapon: Serpent two sword
Attack: Dark throwing kiss, it releases a powerful kiss beam from its mouth.
A re-colored model of Megatagame Mark II Harrier. This robo was created for Windenu.

Height: 50m to 15000 (when giant)
Weight: 1000tons to 3000000 (when giant)
Attack: Elegant Beam
A re-colored model of Furabijenu. The electric battery semipermanent charge is unnecessary. Furabijou rides this one.

Jaianto-Musasabisutaru (Giant Musasabi)
Height: 54.5m to 16350 (when giant)
Weight: 1980tons to 5940000 (when giant)
Attack: Mosquito ruby punch
A re-colored model of Musasabisutaru. A crystal laser comes out of its three eyes, it has radius 10 kilometer range that can attack buildings. Satorkara rides this one.