Full Name: Shurikenger
Ranger Designation: Shurikenger
Weapons: Shurikenzubatto
Gear: Shurikenball, Protect Armor
Karakuri Machine: Tenkuujin
Popular saying: "I am ninja of ninja!"

Shurikenger often used broken English phrases and often poorly mixed both Japanese and English into his sentences. When he first appeared, he came to rescue the Hurricanger and Gouraiger when they were at the mercy of Satorakura in Episode 21. His true identity was an utter mystery. He would disguise himself as anyone the Hurricanger or Gouraiger would encounter or someone he wanted them to encounter. In addition, he also disguised himself as Yousuke once, Ikkou once, and Kouta twice. Kouta's grandmother Ayame who was accidently brought back to life, was mistaken for Shurikenger. Wendinu, in a human disguise, was also mistaken to be Shurikenger by Yousuke and Kouta, but Nanami knew it wasn't her all along. Truth has it that Shurikenger's ture identity was Shurikenger. Ten years ago he was a Kagura Asuka, a great ninja at Hayate Way, expected to become a Hurricanger, but he suddenly disappered. Gozen offered him the great power but it came with a sacrifice. He gave up his humanity and his face physically became the helmet. He can switch to Fire Mode for more power by removing his armor and his voice became deeper. He often announced his arrival through his Shurikenzubatto like it was a microphone. In Episode 49, his trip to death began with Sandaru striking him. While he was dying he fought Satorakura with Tenkujin and end up dead in an explosion. He briefly appeared in 'Abaranger vs Hurricanger,' without explaination to save the teams and left in a hurry.