A high speed helicopter-bird hybrid that can fire laser blasts.

It has a Shuriken on its chest and helmet. It can fly using propulsion under it's feet, and can summon Karakuri Balls by energizing it from its two hands. Tenkuu Cutters is the name of the gold appanges he has.

The whirling blades of the helicopter becomes the weapon Shuriken.

Tenkuujin can combine with Senpuujin to create Tenkusempujin by attaching to the left in place of the Dolphin. Appears in Episode 25. It has a Tornado attack.

Tenkuujin becomes hulking big cannons onto the Goraijin's shoulders making the Tenkugoraijin. Appears in Episode 26.

When Manmaruba became huge and ate the Goraijer, the Hurricanger went to save them. Gozen-sama sent three new Karakuri Balls which formed to Tri-Condor, which enabled the combination of all six Shinobi Machines into the Tenraisenpuujin. When the Tenraisenpuujin's chest blades spin, they summon a destructive whirlwind which lifts monsters into the sky and destroys them. It first appears in the movie and then in Episode 37.
In episode 38, Tricondor's Shinobi medals are each shattered after its first fight with Tenraisempujin. The team wasn't able to use it for quite some time. Tenraisempujin simply has too much power. Oboru looked at schematics for the two combinations, she said that it could be Gouraijin causing the problem. It seems to be that the lighting energy conflicts with the wind energy. Oboru wanted to takes some parts out that aren't needed especially a Kuwagata joint. Isshu was not happy about this at all. Isshu lost his hold on his temper and shook Oboru. Nanami and Kouta manage to pull him away.

Tenkuujin Copies
Shurikenger brought in two Tenkuujin, duplicates which could combine with the other machines so that they could use both combinations simultaneously. They were piolted by the Oboru's slave robots.