Nanami Nono, Hurricane Blue
Full Name: Nanami Nono
Ranger Designation: Hurricane Blue
Weapons: Hurricane Gyroscope (ninja stars), Hayate Sumaru, Sonic Megaphone
Gear: Hurricane Gyroscope, Winger
Karakuri Machine: Hurricane Dolphin

Her ninja technique is Water style. She used a Mizutatsumaki attack. She was determined to become a singing idol. She had an agent that booked her in everything he could and was quite amusing that he would never let his 'star' go. She sang in a kimono. In episode 26, Cyupid threw an arrow on a teen idol Katsuya and Isshuu making them fall in love with Nanami when they saw her first. Even though they were under a spell, Isshuu really is in love with Nanami! He is too shy to express it. In episode 30, she has a temporary friendship with Furabijou, they made a female pop duo. Furabijou does betray her and Nanami is sad about that because she actually thought she was being sincere. She hasn't had any contact with any girls and for her, it was nice to have a girl friend.

In Episode 46, she had another chance to bond with a girl. She wanted to prepare a special New Years meal for Gozen, Shurikenger's master and keeper of the spear stone. She was insulted when Gozen didn't even touch her food (even Shurikenger ate!--but when does that stop him?). She then found out that she had no need for food but as a token of apperication, Gozen made the effort of eating. In Episode 50, when the Hurricanger believed the Gouraiger were dead (sacrificing themselves to kill Sandaru), Nanami yelled Isshuu's name and fell down on her knees in tears, proving that she also had feelings for him. By the end, she was a successful singing idol and she didn't have to wear a kimono. She had a band and it was called Bijucco 7. She was singing the same old song she had been singing all series long. In the audience, there were two women were resemebled Furabijou and Wendinu, not surprisingly. In 'Abaranger vs. Hurricanger', Nanami was on a mission in Spain with Isshuu and spoke fluent Spanish, she declined a date to a bullfight with Isshuu. By the time of 'Boukenger vs. Super Sentai,' she was an adored singing idol. She was called by Eiji to help with other veteran Sentai warriors to fight against Chronos and Gajya to save the Boukenger.

Other neat attacks: In Episode 13, she takes her Hayatemaru and spins around, kicking the opponent.