Jakanja Arsenal

{Wendinu's Palm Pilot}
It has a mirror on the flap and buttons on the pad. She presses the buttons and the symbol of the button appears in a red light on the mirror.

Chuzuubo says "Uchuu Ninpo!" and opens a scroll. The scroll is loaded into Windenu's bazooka. The cylinder lets the scroll down to Earth. Alien writing is place in the air for all of us to see and lightning pulls up the pieces of the destroyed biological monster. By the TV-Asahi site, they are reffered to as Extraterrestrial but I rather call them Organic.

Copy Giant
These are the mechanic ninjas Sargain sent. Wendinu presses the buttons of her private
palm pilot It then sends a torpedo that becomes a giant robot called the "Copy Giant".
The robot duplicates itself as the fallen monster.

{Enlarging Mask}
When Satorakura came to take Sargain's place, Wendinu had a new way to grow monsters. She swung a mask like a boomarang and it tossed out of the Centipede and onto the area where the fallen one is. It creates a tornado, piling up the fallen pieces. A huge purple energy comes up. A creepy skeleton temporarily appears. The device, a mask, appears where the face should be and it then glows. The giant monster then appears. The Mask Alliance Ninjas along with Satorakura start appearing in Episode 21. Satorakura was done in by Episode 49 but the last monster of his was in Episode 41.

{Furabiijou's stamp and pad}
Furabiijou had a scoreboard and stamp a dead angel face on the pad when a ninja lost.

{Black Scroll}
Forbidden big scroll that Chuuzubo had locked away to grow giant in episode 17.

Manmaruba's bike appears in Episode 36.

{Satorakura's Phone}
Satorakura pops out his cellphone to talk to his troops. He spoke to Vampiyan in episode 24 before he arrived.

{Sandaru's sword}
Sandaru's large jagged multiple-saw sword.
{Sandaru's fan}
He also uses this as a weapon.

Fuuin no Ishi (Seal Stone)
Sandaru has this powerful gem. He splits it in half and it has one sand dollar. He became the Ikari no Ya no Medal (Raging Arrow Medal). He also needed the medal from Gozen.

Raging Arrow
The Fuuin no Ishi (Seal Stone) later became the Ikari no Ya no Medal (Raging Arrow Medal) in Episode 41. It called upon the Karakuri ball for GainGain introduced in Episode 42. The Raging Arrow that comes out of the Karakuri ball.

Raging Bow
With the medal taken from Gozen's head, the crossbow was made to launch the Raging Arrow. Tao Zanto and Senpujin Harrier used it at seperate occasions.