Uchuningun Jakanja
Mechanic Corp List One (Episode 2-28)

These are the mechanic ninjas Sargain sent. Wendinu presses the buttons of her private
palm pilot It then sends a torpedo that becomes a giant robot called the "Copy Giant".
The robot duplicates itself as the fallen monster.

Jishakkumon The Magnet Ninja
Height: 205cm to 615 (when giant)
Weight: 310kg to 930 (when giant)
Origin of name: 'Jishaku' means magnet.
Sargain sent this Magnetic robot with a power core. Jishakkumon sent green energy on people and a S(outh) and N(orth) would appear on them. The people attached to each other and pile on each other. Then he would transform them in a rock statue. Windenu made him giant by launching the Copy Giant to duplicate Jishakku's image.

Mogudorago the Excavation Ninja
[Mole Dragon the Hole Digger Ninja]
Height: 202cm to 606 (when giant)
Weight: 303kg to 909 (when giant)
He can dig tunnels through the Earth. He spins down into the ground. The Jakanja planned for him to build a subway for them. He ended up slashing cables of electricity and a water pipie too. Oboro's hidden lab looses electricity as well, but then the generator goes up, so her computer is okay. He popped out of holes. Yellow played 'whack the mole' with his Quick Hammer. Windenu used the Copy Giant to enlarge him.

Shirarnsu The Splitting Ninja
Height: 210cm to 630 (when giant)
Weight: 330kg to 990 (when giant)
Ninja Alliance: Mechanic
With his hand scissors he split good realtionships between people, turning them aganist each other. Windenu used the Copy Giant to enlarge him.

Gamajakushi The Water Absorbing Ninja
Height: 223cm to 669 (when giant)
Weight: 321kg to 963 (when giant)
He released spores out of his shooter fingers. He hopped like a frog. The Goraijers fought him as well. Windenu used the Copy Giant to enlarge him.

Gama releases small spores that sucked out all the water supply from the Earth. The Gourangers fought Gamajakushi because they wanted the water back. Of course when the spores hit the rangers or the SenPuuJin, it just made sparks.

Tekkotsumeba or Tecotsu The Metal Ninja
Height: 220cm to 660 (when giant)
Weight: 305kg to 915 (when giant)
Origin of name: "Tekkotsu" means Iron Frame.
Ninja Alliance: Mechanic
Sargain sent this one. He can run in the speed of light and at night, his face flows an eerie light of yellow. Lit up like a jack-o'-latern. He picks up a metal bar, it merges with him making it part of his body and weaponry. He can even merge with a car. The roof of the car shows his freaky face. Luckily, Oboru tuned up the gadgets so when the Hurricangers hit him with the Triple Gadget, he busted into millions of pieces making fireworks. As the fireworks continue, impacting and being absorbed into buildings. He moves the buildings around since he is the buildings now. Windenu calculates some figures into her 'palm pilot' and points out what will happen if Tekotsu gets to full mass. The size he will reach when they make him giant. Bigger than usual big. The sea of buildings suck into him making him larger. The Gourajin appears and fights the Senpujin among the ever moving buildings. He is finally burn to a chrisp by Hurricane Hawk Shinobi machine with his firebird attack.

Megatagame The Hologram Ninja
Height: 56m to 16800
Weight: 2000 tons to 6000000
After Chuuzubo's failure, it's Sargain time to shine. Sargain is inside of it. He has a cockpit. They break apart a giant rock. Megatagame has big laser beam eyes. The laser upon the rock revealed a blue crystal shard. Later on, the robot emerges from what seems to be the ground near a lab. In his scope, Sargain pinpoints another crystal's location. Megatagame fights the SenPuuJin. The protractor shaped headband of the Megatagame charges up red electric energy. It emits a powerful charge upon our heroes. Megatagame seems to have beaten SenPuuJin which is on the floor until Blue uses the Gatling Leo and Squid Attacker together to do the "Hurricane Spiral" attack. As a blue electic force field makes Megatagame fall down to explode. Sargain is thrown out of the explosion to land who-knows-where. Blue sighs in relief at her accomplishment.

Kangaruretto The Disaster Ninja
Height: 230m to 690 (when giant)
Weight: 334kg to 1002 (when giant)
He has a remote that he gives to people, they press a button and his chest wheel lights up to try their luck. The remote is black with two buttons, blue on top and red at the bottom. The wheel has symbols---(top) Earthquake, (top right) Lightening bolts, (bottom right) House on Fire, (bottom) mad man, (bottom left) Tidal wave, (top left) a bomb. The wheel is like a gambling wheel. Whatever is chosen, happens. Wreaking havoc. Windenu calls upon the Copy Giant to make this guy big. He is destroyed by the Goraisempujin. NOTE: He came back thanks to Chubozu in Hurricanger Vs Gaoranger in giant form. He is destroyed by the Gao Hunter.

Unadaiko the Thunder Ninja
Height: 226 cm to 678 (when giant)
Weight: 332kg to 996 (when giant)
This drum guy calls upons lightening. Shurikenger disguised as the guy in the light blue yukata and his white shorts asked Unadaiko to teach him how to drum. He did this to see how Unadaiko called upon the lightening. Yellow energy beams vibrated from the top tembles and energized golden thing on top of his head. Copy Giant was sent down to grow this guy so I am guessing he was part of Sargain's corp. He is destroyed by the Gouraijya's Gouraijin with Kabuto Gani.

Chupid the Noisy Love Ninja
Height: 206 cm to 618 (when giant)
Weight: 210 Kg to 930 (when giant)
He is called Chupid because he is a mouse, hence the 'chu'. He throws arrows on people, infecting their hearts and they fall for the first person they conviently see. He shot arrows on many people and made them fall in love with members of the opposite & same sex, dogs, inanimate objects and such. He caused much crazyness. Even making Isshuu and a teen idol fall in love with Nanami. He attacked a beach terroizing women. Furabijou and Windenu came down with their swimsuits to check out the action. Chupid was grown by the Copy Giant. Chupid was defeated by Tenkugoraijin.

Megakagame Mark II (coming after Megatagame)
Height: 52m to 15600
Weight: 1050 to 3150000
Sargain comes with the successor of Megatagame. The Hurricangers battle him in the Senpuujin. He surprises them with the special feature of being able to "Hurry up". What is even more dangerous about this robot being able to do this action is that it can substain it longer than the Senpuujin. The Harrier has a time limit, Megakagame Mark II can "hurry down" and then "hurry up" again. The Goraijer are unavialable at the time to help the Hurricanger. When the Goraijer finally come to the rescue, the Hurricanger prepare to merge their robots to make Goraisenpujin, they release Karakuri ball #7 but Megakagame Mark II quickly grabs it. Of course this doesn't help. The Shurikenger in the Tenkuujin releases it's Karakuri ball #12, which the Trance Spider. He swung the spider at the ball in the evil robot's hands. He got the ball back and swung it onto the robot. They finally defeat him with Goraisenpujin.