Uchuningun Jakanja
Mask Corp

When Satorakura came take Sargain's place, Wendinu had a new way to grow monsters. She swung a mask like a boomarang and it tossed out of the Centipede and onto the area where the fallen one is. It creates a tornado, piling up the fallen pieces. A huge purple energy comes up. A creepy skeleton temporarily appears. The device, a mask, appears where the face should be and it then glows. The giant monster then appears. The Mask Alliance Ninjas along with Satorakura start appearing in Episode 21. Satorakura was done in by Episode 49 but the last monster of his was in Episode 41.

EPISODE 21/22:
Jingiron The Mirage Ninja
Height: 224cm to 672 (when giant)
Weight: 245kg to 735 (when giant)
The first of the Mask ninja alliance. When he first appeared, he was giant. The Hurricangers used Senpuujin aganist him and sliced him with their Sword Slasher but it happen to be a building. Resulting in splitting the building. He can make many illusions like disguising the Gouraijers as him or making Yellow and Blue believe their friends where him. Besides causing confusion, he also could appear anywhere he wanted and transform innocents into Exclaimation marks. He then put the question marks in a device to liquify them into a bomb. Jingiron was grown by a new device Satorakura gave Windenu. He was destroyed by Shurikenger's Tenkuujin with Spin Bee. NOTE: He came back thanks to Chubozu in Hurricanger Vs Gaoranger in giant form. He is destroyed by the Goraisempujin Sword and Shield.

Kirakorone (Killer Korowne) the Perfume Ninja
Height: 221 cm to 663 (when giant)
Weight: 210kg to 630 (when giant)
This female Jakanja transforms animals and people into perfume bottles with lovely scents. Satorakura gives Windenu and Furabiijou perfume bottles. They are amazed that they were made out of animals... until Satorakura mentions they were made out of space cockroaches and the girls freak out. The way Kirakorone travels is in a pink mist. Kouta develops a dog nose thanks to ninja magic to track her by 'sniffing' her out. Her attacks include a flame and spray comes out of her hat that transforms people in perfumes. If the perople aren't returned to normal within twenty-four hours... they never will be. She has a red sword to fight with. It is a light bolt-shape with a bit of golden yellow on it. To save the people, they open the bottles and let the victims escape.

Vampiyan the Revival Ninja
Height: 0.3 cm to 9m (adult size)
Weight: 0.03 to 10g (adult size)
In episode 24, Satorakura talks to him in his cellphone. Satorakura aks Vampirean if he can come to this 'star' and then surprised that he is busy that week. On Episode 25, the Jakanja in the Centipede heard a buzzing sound, Vampiyan arrived and he was mosquito-size, he landed on Windenu's chest which caused much hilarity. Once on Earth, he sucked the blood out of six girls. He then spilled energy beams throughout the city of Japan. The light revived old villains such as Hanasakkadoshi, Kuttuku, Yumebakushi, Higenamazukin, and Octo. He even brought back Kouta's grandmother, by mistake of course. When Windenu makes him grow with Satorakura's mask, he becomes human size. They quickly defeat him and they make him grow again, he is finally giant. So he is the only one that was ever grown twice. He was defeated by Tenkusempujin. When he did die, the temporarly ressurected went back to where they came from.

Omokaru the Gravity Ninja
Height: 227cm to 681 (when giant)
Weight: 255Kg to 765 (when giant)
This foot-inspired Jakanja would throw stickers on people making Omokaru able to control them with his wand. He would make them float in the air, crushing them in the ground, juggling and tossing them around. He shoves Hurricane Red in the ground. All six rangers fight him. Windenu makes him grow with the mask. Goraisenpujin kills him.

Berotan the Lingering Summer Heat Ninja
Height: 226cm to 678 (when giant)
Weight: 252kg to 756 (when giant)
He comes from the original postal service star and he is tongue inspired. He licks people with his giant tongue and they become stamps. Then Satorakura had all the Jakanja seal evenlopes and put the 'human' stamps on them. The plan was that Berotan would have a bag full of letters and stuff the letters in his mouth and blow them all up. Kouta tried the Quick Gadget on Berotan, he moved with his tongue and the fiant bomb ended up hitting the Hurricangers. Windenu sends down the mask to grow him. He is defeated by Senpujin and the Karakuri Stamp.

Fangurlu the Space Wolves
Brown Destruction
Height: 235cm to 705 (when giant)
Weight: 305kg to 915 (when giant)
Black Beginning
Height: 237cm to 711 (when giant)
Weight: 310kg to 930 (when giant)
Silver Emergency
Height: 240cm to 720 (when giant)
Weight: 315kg to 945 (when giant)
When meteors came toward Earth, Tao Zanto was pleased. Satorakura blew a whistle and three howling flashes came into the Centipede. These three wolves appear and their eyes glow yellow. They come from the B strike hell nebular in the star plateau zone. Their skill is the space animal patience method shadow. Their special technique is the Shadow Burning T bone stake. The shadow of the wolves eats the shadow of their human victim and the humans themselves loose their humanity and start acting like wolves. The people flee to the forest were they act like beasts, making the city empty. Their 'Ninja File' for Episode 31 has all three together rotating in the same picture.

In episode 32, Satorakura is angry with them so he blows his whistle and they start fighting aganist each other. With this, they are distracted so Kouta, Nanami, and Isshuu can defeat them. Meanwhile the victims bite and turn more people. Satorakura blows his whistle again and the three have reformed as a giant---Fangerosu!

Fangerosu the Large Animal
Height: 57m to 17100
Weight: 1600tons to 4800000
The fang three - Lu (beginning, destruction and emergency) combine. Fire comes out from its mouth. Its attacks are the Dark space union and the Shadow of star. When we first see him, he is already giant. Satorakura's whistles breaks and Fangerosu splits into the three again. They manage to merge again and are defeated by the Revolver Mammoth. The spell is lifted and all the people are not werewolves anymore.

Gomubiron the Balloon Ninja
Height: 233cm to 699 (when giant)
Weight: 215kg to 645 (when giant)
Gomu means 'rubber' or 'gum'. Nothing seemed to harm him, all their weapons bounced off it. Once Isshuu mastered the Kirai Maru, he was able to defeat him.

Tsukkomina the Comic Dialogue Ninja
Height: 220 cm to 660 (when giant)
Weight: 226 Kg to 678 (when giant)
Ninja Alliance: Mask
He comes along when Kouta is waiting for a visit from his sister from Africa. This Jakanja brings upon jokes and tricks like a bowl of some food, Nan (Indian bread) and pans to hit the ninja with. Even when he disappears he teases with a rant and a comic gesture of dance. They then go to a stage, where they was a sign that said "Bakushou! Satarz Talk Live", a show featuring Satorakura and Tsukkomina. Yellow fought him and finally weakened him. He was first beaten by the Victory Gadget and then killed with the Tenraisempujin.