Kouta Bitou, Hurricane Yellow
Full Name: Kouta Bitou
Ranger Designation: Hurricane Yellow
Weapons: Hurricane Gyroscope (ninja stars), Hayate Sumaru, Quick Hammer
Gear: Hurricane Gyroscope, Winger
Karakuri Machine: Hurricane Lion

He is the one that doesn't want the others to act recklessly and to have some kind of strategy. He has an unique voice. He had the ability come out of the ground, multiply himself and strike the grown with his sword that makes a line of fire. His animal is the Leon. He also uses a Maijishi and Jiraishin attacks. His ninja technique is Ground style. His job is a nurse at a daycare center. He has a younger sister named Meiko. After she was born, his parents died in a car accident and the two were raised in an orphange. He tried to look after her the best he can. When she wanted to go to Africa to help out children, he didn't want her to go because he was looking out for her best interest. She brought up the point that he had been able to do whatever he wanted. He let her go happily. She then returned to renew her visa and through a series of conveniently contrived circumstances, she found out Kouta was risking his life as a ninja. Oboro tried to have Reiko's memory erased with one of her robots but the Hurricanger luckily stopped it from happening. In Episode 29, After seeing that the Jakanja's force has increased and things are more dangerous, Mugensai the hamster decided to select a real leader for the Hurricanger. He chose Kouta. This made Kouta and Yousuke very competitive. He tried the Quick Gadget on Berotan, he moved with his tongue and the fiant bomb ended up hitting the Hurricangers. But after all, they decided it doesn't matter who is leader, they must work as a team. Just for the record, Yousuke is the leader. By the end, he kept working at the daycare center and was reunited with his sister.