Karakuri Ball 01: Sword Slasher
Goraijer Karkuri Ball 10: Sword Slasher

Ranger: Hurricane Red
When the three combine their Sinobi Medals that becomes a Karakuri Ball. This ball comes out from the center of the Senpuujin. Senpuujin's gerneral weapon is the Sword Slasher which comes from this Karakuri Ball number 01. The Sword Slash Strike is its primary attack. Their attack is the Triple Blade works this way: the Senpuujin splits into three images. The one to the right slashes left, the one at the right slashes left and the one in the center slashes frontways for the final blow. It also appeared in Episode 2. The Gourajin also has a Sword Slasher.

Karakuri Ball 02: Goat Crusher
Ranger: Hurricane Yellow
Crushing hammer extends to flatten monsters. Used by the Senpuujin. Specialty of the Hurricane Yellow. Oboru teleports a Shinobi Medal to Yellow to get this ball. The Goat Crusher unrolls to become a hammer called the God Hammer. It first appears in Episode 4.

Karakuri Ball 03: Totasu Hammer
Ranger: Hurricane Blue
Totasu means Tortoise. Retractable chain for use as a swinging mace. Used by the Senpuujin. Specialty of the Hurricane Blue. Oboru teleports a Shinobi Medal to Blue to get this ball in Episode 6. The logistics of this robot was taken from a small paper that inside a Tortoise stone Nanami fetched from a location.

Karakuri Ball Combo:
Hammer Crusher

Alternate Name: God Hammer
Chain of the Tortoise Hammer attaches to the Goat Crusher. Goat Crusher hits the Tortoise Hammer and launches at opponent. It is played like an old Japanese and Latin American toy. Used by the Senpuujin. Used in Episode 8.

Karakuri Ball 04: Plant Axe
Ranger: Kabutoraijer
A pinwheel-like weapon with four deadly spiining blades. Primary weapon of the Gouraijin. The attack they use is "Axe Cutter". The Plant Axe combined with the Stag's horns, the attack is "Double Horn Cutter". The Goraijer stole it by hacking into the Hurricanger's system. Oboru made it. The Gouraijin has a port in it as well and that is how they intercepted the collection of the Shinobi medal for this ball. It appears in Episode 10.

Karakuri Ball 05: Gatling Leo
Ranger: Hurricane Yellow
It appears in Episode 13. Oboru teleports a Shinobi Medal to Yellow to get this ball. When it comes out the ball, the Lion roars and lock into the position in the picture and the two back legs fold upward. The front legs squeeze up. The tail pops out as a handle for the SenPuuJin to hold. The outside cannons extend out. When ready to attack, the mane with head and cannons rotate counter-clockwise and shoot out six yellow lasers.

Karakuri Ball 06: Squid Attacker
Ranger: Hurricane Blue
High energy drilling power for destroying monsters. Used by the Storm Megazord. It appears in Episode 14. When the ball comes out and opens, the Squid Attacker comes out but it's small with no point. The rest of it slowly pops out piece by piece upward. It points toward the opponent and spins clockwise. It attaches to the left red circle on the SenPuuJin's 'knee'. It makes a drill sound. To attack, the SenPuuJin sways it's left leg toward the opponent, the Attacker's pieces pop out apart a bit. White light flahses. Each piece turns clockwise with yellow lighting. The SenPuuJin then charges toward the opponent with a digital photo (a green grid screen appears and box pieces of image appears) of a giant moon behind the mountain.The attacker drills through the villain and smoke comes out.

Karakuri Ball Combo: Gatling Attacker
In Episode 15, they are merged, Squid is shook and they placed in front of the Gatling Leo. When hooked, the Gatling Leo's mane with the Squid Attacker spin clockwise. It is then called Gatling Attacker. "Hurricane Spiral" is the attack. Yellow Lion roars, his mane spins. Gatling Leo's mane spins. The spinning makes windy dust. Yellow light escapes from it. Missiles are turn out of the merger in a whirlwind. It attacks like a machine gun.

Karakuri Ball 07: Furai Head
Karakuri Ball 08: Furai Knuckle
Furai Maru

Rangers: Hurricane Red, Kabutoraijer
The Furai Head and Furai Knuckle combine to form the Furai Maru, which enables the combination of the Senpuujin and the Gouraijin into the Goraisenpujin. The Furai Maru then splits up to become the hands and the head of the Goraisenpujin.

Karakuri Ball 09: Karakuri Manto
Ranger: Hurricane Red
It's a giant cape belonging to the Hurricanger. It appeared in Episode 22. It can be thrown to hit the villain, make the hero disapppear or use as a sheild.

Karakuri Ball 10: Spin Bee
Ranger: Shurikenger
In Episode 22, Shurikenger appears with his own Karakuri ball that surprises Oboru. Bee in Japanese is Hachi. Cord is pulled and it spins. Primary weapon of Tenkuujin.

Karakuri Ball 11: Kabuto Gani
Ranger: Kabotoraijer
Horseshoe Crab shaped weapon attaches to the arm to be used as a lancing weapon. In Episode 24, the Shurikenger gives the Goraijer a shinobi medal to bring fought this one. The body is the hilt, the tail is the spear. They slice and dice the enemy, then spear him through. It shoots a yellow beam with green lightening around it. Used by the Gouraijin.

Karakuri Ball 12: Trance Spider
Spider can be launched as a grappling hook. Used by the Tenkuujin. Appears in Episode 28. Megakagame Mark II steals Karakuri ball #7 from the Senpujin. Tenkuujin form the Karakuri ball out of energy emerging from its hands. Tenkuujin tosed the spider at the ball and hauls it back. It swinged the ball with spider at the villain.

Karakuri Ball 13: The Stamp
Appears in Episode 29. It stamps villains, nullifying them. Four lights appear on the villain, in a line going down. The first symbol is golden yellow and is the Hayate School symbol. The second is pink and it's the Hawk symbol. The third is blue and it's the Dolphin symbol. The last is yellow and is the Lion symbol. They light up and become Kanji.

Karakuri Ball 14: Pitashito Hitode
Alternate Spelling: Pitatto Hitode
Hitode means Starfish. Appears in Episode 30. The attack is "Starlight Beat up!" The Shinobi Medal is given to Hurricane Blue. The Starfish goes on Senpujin's left knee. The Blue and Yellow Starfish aren't even seen in the episode!! They are finally seen in Episode 42. Senpujin fires four of them in an attack: red, yellow, blue and green. They land on a Jakanja and set electric blasts.

Karakuri Ball 15: Tri Tsuno (Horns)
Karakuri Ball 16: Tri Kanmuri (Crown)
Karakuri Ball 17: Tri Tsume (Claws)

The three parts combine to form the Tri-Condor, which enables the combination of the Senpuujin, Goraijin, and Tenkuujin into the TenraiSenpuujin. The Tri Condor then splits up to become the hands and the head of the TenraiSenpuujin. The movie Tri Condor is completely seperate from the one that appears in the series. The movie one belongs to Princess Raina which she controled with a special pendent. She climbed inside the cockpit (with a completely different design) and flew home.