Uchuningun Jakanja
Fan Beasts

These are Sandaru's minions. They scattered around two episodes. They briefly appeared
in one and was destroyed in the second. Two of the beasts came from Sandaru's fan.

EPISODE 40 and 44
Kyousenjuu Badoogi the Misfortune Fan-beast
Height: 58 m to 17400 (when giant)
Weight: 1800 tons to 5400000 (when giant)
Ninja Alliance: Fan Animal/Thunder Lu Beast
Sandaru's brutal pet. In Episode 40, Sandaru opened up a fan and Badoogi was released. He was giant and released fire. The rangers then retreated. He didn't reappear until episode 44. Sandaru lash out his fan and fire came out revealing the giant Badoogi. The Sword Slasher is no use. They try the Hitode but he stops it. They try the God Hammer (Goat Crusher and Tortoise Hammer) and Gatling Attacker (Gatling Leo and Squid Attacker). They did the attacks Hurricane Suisen and Hurricane Spiral but It didn't work and Badogi shot fire at them bringing them down. Yousuke boldly tried the Raging Arrow and it worked.
They used againist Badogi. Much to everyone's shock it goes in smoothly and the Arrow blade is firmly in their hands. The energy backlash does serious damage to Badoogi, to Sandaru's shock. Then when Goraijin and Tenkujin come along and the evil power of the medal is too much. It attacks the others with no control from the trio. Gozen is so shocked that she comes out of her hiding to help. Badogi uses the meltdown to its advantage and brings down Sempujin on a mountain with his fire. Gozen appears in a bright light to help them. She tells them to form Tenraisempujin which they do. They defeat him with Tenraisempujin with the Raging Arrow.

EPISODE 44 and 47

Height: 56.5 m to 16950 (when giant)
Weight: 1700 tons to 5100000 (when giant)
Ninja Alliance: Fan Animal/Thunder Lu Beast
He swooped into the scene in Ep44 and stole the Raging Arrow from the Tenraisempujin After Hurricane Red stopped Sandaru from hurting Gozen, he calls Dezargi out from his fan. The medal then goes in the bad hands again. He reappeared in Ep47. He comes from the Crowe garden star and his proud skill is the Kurobane root tornado. In Episode 47, he was big and his wings would blow back the attacks that rangers gave him. With higher power from Gozen, they destroy Dezargi with Tenraisempujin's Ultimate Storm Maximum attack.

EPISODE 45 and 48

Height: 201 cm to 603 (when giant)
Weight: 190 kgto 570 (when giant)
Ninja Alliance: Fan Animal/Thunder Lu Beast
From the Ocelot star, she is a spy and her special skill is the shadow endurance. She meows in a cute kitty voice. In Episode 45, Sandaru sends her on a mission. She follows the Goraijer. Whatever Madogi sees, Sandaru sees in his wierd eye. Madogi can dip into a dark shadow. She as the shadow entered Isshuu's shadow. The Goraijer went through a force field and Madogi secretly followed through the shadow. The Goraijer ended up at the secret location of Gozen. When all the rangers were there, Madogi attacked. She then retrated when Shurikenger fought with her.
Later in Episode 48, she returned to assist Sandaru. He gave her six feathers and she spread them across town. The feathers created evil clones of the rangers that had collars (sporting her design) with bells. The clones were beating down the rangers, Gozen came around to help. The rangers defeated the clones but Sandaru and Madogi still had something up their sleeves. Madogi threw feathers at the rangers this time. Placing the collars with bells on their necks.

This turned the rangers aganist Gozen. Gozen had to defend herself from the rangers. Madogi then attacked Gozen and her powers from her gem didn't work. Gozen used a sword aganist Madogi. The bell was broken off Madogi and the collars fell off the rangers. The rangers defeated Madogi with the Victory Gadget and Ninja Misen.