Yousuke Shiina, Hurricane Red
Full Name: Yousuke Shiina
Ranger Designation: Hurricane Red
Weapons: Hurricane Gyroscope (ninja stars), Hayate Sumaru, Dry Gun, Ninja Misen-Hayate Sumaru
Gear: Hurricane Gyroscope, Winger
Karakuri Machine: Hurricane Hawk

He is the leader of these unlikely heroes and his technique is Wind style. His animal is a Hawk. He also uses a Kaendaka attack. His job is climbing buildings and doing jobs like washing windows and fetching items. Yousuke is always determined and when things seem the worse, he still preservers. After all, he has been able to team up with the Gouraiger.

He has been turned into a child, been advised by an old classmate who remembered the school and has even had to fight for his right for being leader. Yousuke had a constant rivarly aganist Ikkou, the Kabuto Raiger. Why? Because Ikkou is stubborn and doesn't want to admit when he needs help. Yousuke wants nothing more than to be friends but things get rough. Sometimes he'll do what he has to do to snap people back to their senses. In episode 32, Yousuke gets the same God of death scorpion from Manmuraba gave Ikkou. A doctor and Mugensai decide to transfer the scorpion to Yousuke and it cures Ikkou. They were confident that he could endure it. Yousuke did it for Ikkou. Ikkou didn't die but he was angry that Yousuke did such a thing. Yousuke woke up back to life with no more scorpion and all he could think about was eating Ramen. By the end, he kept working for Kanae doing odd jobs.

Other neat attacks: In Episode 13, he became a small airplane and blasted two red lasers at the opponent. In Episode 14, he became a Red Tank. Yes, a Red Tank, a nice shiny one. He also has a cool strike, Blue light) with his Hayatemaru.