Five Venom Fists
They are the elite five of the Confrontation Beast Hall and masters of the Confrontation Beast-Fist styles of venomous animals. They each wear a sash of their higher rank above novice Rinrinshi. They arrived in end of Episode 3 at Rio's call to destroy the Gekirangers, which they later saw as a 'waste of their talents' after easily beating them. It enraged them when they were defeated by the Gekirangers in the Poison Match. Rio's hidden motive in summoning the Venom Fists was to kill the one who possess the "ultimate poison", the Ringi technique Madoku, powerful enough to revive the Three Fist Demons whom created the Akugata.

Height: 216 cm to 54 m
Weight: 91kg to 22.7 tons
He was the first of the Venom Fists to comfront the Gekiranger on his own. Kademu is a master of the Confrontation Beast Centipede-Fist, whose ability is to deliver a hundred attacks in one second at extreme speeds. One such move, the Hundred Burst Suu, earned Kademu his nickname Multi-Handed King of Hell. His color is white. His venom induces fever. He infected Retsu and Ran dueled him. He was killed by GekiTohJa in Episode 5. He is later revived by Braco using his True Poison in Episode 9 in a plot to kill Rio only to be killed by Black Lion's Splitting Kick.

Height: 202 cm to 50.5 m
Weight: 85 kg to 21.2 tons
The Unconfrontable Dellusion Disturber, a Confrontation Beast Gecko-Fist, which emphasizes on hit and run attacks with unexpected movement and reactions, along with the ability to walk freely on walls and ceilings, just like a gecko. He often reased the Gekiranger by tapping his butt. Moriya is capable of walking on any surface because of his Ringi Delicate-Hair Legs, which transfers most of his rinki onto to his feet, allowing him to walk on walls as if there were multiple microscopic hairs on his soles. As he is constantly over others' heads, he thinks of the walls as "his world" and looks down to others. His secret Ringi, Rapid-Growth Arm, mimics the gecko's Automic talent of shedding off his arm to escape a hold, growing a new one. The discarded arm then performs a surprise attack that serves as a distraction. Other ringi of Moriya is his Erratic Shuriken. His venom induces paralysis, giving the infected five agonizing minutes to live if no antidote is in sight. He challenges the Gekirangers in Episode 6. At first, he had the upperhand until Retsu managed to beat Moriya at his own element. He was killed by GekiTohja's Big Gan-Gan Punch. He is revived by Braco using his Mandoku in Episode 9 and he unsuccessfully killed Rio, he ran to attack the city and faced the Gekiranger swearing to finally defeat them. Moriya feels that Mele killed Braco and he tells the Gekiranger. They then destroy him with the GekiBazooka.

Height: 198 cm to 49.5 m
Weight: 71 kg to 17.8 tons
The Dancer of Terror, Sorisa, is a mistress of the Confrontation Beast Scorpion-Fist, which is known for using a combination of dances and kicks. Her smile attracts the enemy to her while she dances, attacking them once they are close enough with her Finale Kick. Her voice is squeaky and her color is red. Her venom induces paralysis. She challanges the Gekiranger in episode 7 and dances with the Rinshi and has them dance a sance much like "Thriller." Maga came on to her but she rebuffed him, only to make him more enthralled by her. By Episode 8, she is impressed by Maga and they become a lovely dovey couple the Gekiranger can not defeat but it gets on Mele's nerves that all they want to do is be together. Juu Goku Hen is her secret Ringi, which she uses on the GekiTohja when they destroy her lover Maga. Scorpiions are released and crawl all over the GekiTohja, making the trio feel itchy. The Gekiranger destroy her.

Height: 210 cm to 52.5 m
Weight: 95 kg to 23.8 tons
The Steel-Wall Defender, a master of the Confrontation Beast Toad-Fist style who emphasizes on a iron body defense. Body and mind of lead, extremely dim-witted. His fight technique involves oranges or balls. His color is yellow. His venom induces chills. He is in love with Sorisa and when she fought the Gekiranger, he taught Retsu and her were making out, so he grew big and fought the Gekiranger. He then retreated in shame, but with encouraging from Mele, he came back to defend the one he loves. With the gained confidence, he is impenetrable because of his hidden ringi lets Tai Yuu Baio emits fat to cover his body making a bubble shield defense. By Episode 8, he defeated the Gekiranger but cared more about being with his sweety Sorisa. He was destroyed by the GekiBazooka and Sorisa sought revenge.

Height: 211 cm to 52.8 m
Weight: 90 kg to 22.5 tons
This Confrontation Beast Snake-Fist-style warrior who is the leader of the elite Five Vemon Fists. His style emphasizes on cutting and thrusting in unpredicable timing and cunning with his sickles. His color is blue. His attack, Cobra Cutter, earned him the title One-Hit-Kill Sniping Master. His venom induces nausea. He has been following Rio looking for his weak spot as the other Venom Fists were defeated. In episode 8, he comes to Mele and she thinks it is to give Rio the secret ringi Mandoku but he doesn't think much of him. Mele is insulted and fights him. He offers Mele to team up to betray Rio because she can do so much better. Mele attacks Braco and he turns to stone. He turns into his beast man form using his secret Ringi Mandoku. Braco has six snake fingers--the True Posions, he used one to revive himself. He offers Mele true life, not like the fake one she has. They fought and Braco kicked Mele off a cliff. Braco revives Kademu and Moriya to kill Rio. Mele killed him after snapping the three remaining True Poisons off him. She stated that being by Rio is life for her. His last words to her was asking her if she would be at peace with that.