Other Sources list him as: Long
Height: 220 cm to 59.4 m
Weight: 100 kg to 27 t
He first appears in Episode 23. He is a GenJyuKen Dragon-Fist Master and is the coordinator of the GenJyuKen. He is a mysterious fellow, hiding behind the scenes. For a long while, he only made his presence known to Mele, whom he sneakily manipulated. He told Mele that Rio will obtain DoRinki and defeat Maku. Ron was the one behind Gou's transformations into the werewolf until Bae's interference stopped that. From that point, he did consider the Gekiranger worthy adversaries for Rio. When Rio headed to the Beast Origin Village, Ron took the guises of Jan, Gou, and Master ShaFu to inform him he must obtain the SouJyuTo first. Ron manipulated Mele into stealing the SouJyuTo from Ken in a underhanded manner, leading her to establish her Dorinki. When Rio and Mele both left for the land, Ron made his presence known to the three Kenma and teased Maku. Maku was the only one who knew him. In Episode 35, he murdered Rageku, who taught he was just a mere boy but when he showed her his golden Beastman form, it terrified her and she recognized it. He then revealed his identity to Rio, luring him into GenJyuKen. His name is based on Long, the Mandarin word for Dragon.

In Episode 41, Ron requested to go out in conquer the world. Rio put him in his place and told him to show him his power. Instead, Ron sent his Phantom Twins, who seemed to get the job done but where ultimately were defeated by the Gekiranger. In Episode 44, he sent Suugu after GekiRed, seeing him as a roadblock. Jan was able to get to his father Dan inside of Suugu. This angered Ron, so he changed into his Beastman form and shot an arrow towards Jan. Suugu stood in the way and was mortally wounded. In Episode 45, Jan defeated Rio and Rio grew huge in the GenJyuOu form. This was part of Ron's plan all along. Mele, seeing how much Ron was enjoying it, she knocked him down. She screamed for Rio and he stopped and returned to normal. This surprised Ron. Whhen the Gekiranger were going to approach Rio, Ron attacked them and approached Rio. Before Rio could question Ron, Mele dived in and took him away. Ron followed them and tried to stop them in streaks. In Episode 46, it was discovered that he not only killed Rio's family when he was young, that propelled his darkness, but Ron also killed Jan's mother in front of him.

Ron revealed to everyone he was responsible for Maku creating RinJyuDen and wanted him to be a God of Destruction, but once he was sealed, he had designs for Rio. Ron actually hates his human form, as he is immortal and dislikes humanity for their mortality. Never being able to die, he is bored and wants some 'fun.' When Ron sent Mele a death blow and Rio blocked it, Ron finally realized Mele was what tied Rio to his humanity. Ron takes her a unconscious Mele hostage in a vain attempt for Rio to resume his part in the master plan. Mele is rescued and the seven destroy Ron with SaiDaiGekiRinTouja, or so they believed. He returned with Sanyo in Episode 48. He swallowed Sanyo and took his true form, to be defeated by Rio. Ron survived it and battled the Gekirangers in one final fight in Episode 49. His power and himself was sealed into a ball, which now hangs around Jan's neck.

Height: 217 centimeters to 58.5 meters
Weight: 111 kilograms to 29.9 tons
He is one of Ron's Twin Phantoms, he practices Chinese alchemy. A master of the GenJyu Capricorn-Fist. Dorou collected Geki, Kageki and mized it with Genki and focused it on a ball making a powder he dubbed Dorou Grain. Sugu threw this powder on humans to make them disappear, unfortunately this didn't work on the Gekiranger, because they were used to Geki. The missing people ended up in the gourds attached to his tree to continue screaming, along with the Gekiranger which they eventually trapped. Dorou's attacks include Full-Body Training Horse Spin (which is a combo with Sojo) and Training Horse Spin: Pain. His name is based on Tu Lou of the Shan Hai Jing, a collection of Chinese mythology. Other than the Capricorn, his motif is of the Goat of the Chinese Zodiac. He was killed by Geki Geki All Beast Cannon, a collective attack perfromed by all ten GekiBeasts.

Height: 203 centimeters to 54.8 meters
Weight: 87 kilograms to 23.5 tons
He is one of Ron's Twin Phantoms. A master of the GenJyu Addanc-Fist. An Addanc is a Welsh mythology lake monster that its appearance changes depending who is telling it. It varies from resembling a crocodile or beaver. Addanc has also been spelled avanc, afanc and addane. Sojo is the hyperactive aid of Dorou, purposely allowed himself to be attacked by the Gekirangers with his teeth sucking up the Geki and Shigeki for Dorou's experiment. He then threw Dorou Grain on humans to make them disappear. He porformed Strikeless Descend Illusion, which was an illusion to make him and Dorou switch places. His attacks include the spinning Impliment Style Risk Halt and the lighting attack called Ready Separate Beauty Advantage. He can also combine these and porform a combo with Dorou. He survived the GekiBeasts attack but was destroyed by SaiDaiGekiTohja. His name is based on Ju Ru of the Shan Hai Jing. His motif is the Rat of the Chinese Zodiac.

Ron's true form is callled the Mugenryu (Infernal Dragon), a multiple headed four-legged dragon. In this form, he killed Rio's family, as revealed in Episode 46. He took this form in Episode 48 after swallowing Sanyo whole and was defeated by Rio in a kamikaze effect.