Full Name: Rio
Height: 215cm to 58m
Weight: 91kg to 24.5t

The Phantom Beast King is the pre-destined leader of the Phantom Beast-Fist. Ron calims Rio is the one to become the Phantom Beast King. Rio ofcourse was originally a Confrontation Beast Lion-Fist user. After much coercing by Ron, Rio accepts the title and undergoes Ron's Gengi to be infused with Genki and embraces his destiny. What really enticed him was Suguu, who was formally Dan, his adversary that drew him into wanting to one-up him and gain great power. Once he became a master of the GenJyu Gryphon-Fist, Rio is able to transform into Phantom Beast King Rio from his Black Lion form. As GenJyuOu, he could control Suugu. But he considered his battle against Dan was over, as long as his son Jan was alive. He considered him his rival.

Everyone agreed Jan to be his destined rival, except for Gou. In Episode 45, Gou gains a GekiWaza that Bruce E. mastered and fought Rio, but was beaten. Jan arrived, which made Rio exceedingly happy. They matched in power and stretched to the limit. Ultimately, Jan defeated Rio,using a techinque similar to his fahter's, which made him hug him for balance. He left walking and laughing insanely, barely able to stand up and transformed back into GenJyuOu involuntary and exploded. The GekiJyuKen users celebrated, while Mele was devastated. Then to everyone's surprise, he rose from the fire in a lion's roar and grew giant. Unfortunately, Rio could not control GenJyuOu's form. SaiDaiOh was easily defeated by GenJyuOu and not even his finisher worked. Ron was behind it all. This angered Mele and when she screamed for Rio, he stopped his rampage and grew normal size again.

This surprised Ron. Before Rio could question Ron, Mele grabbed him and they lept away. But not before, he tried to stop them in streaks. In Episode 46, everyone discovered that Ron was responsible for murdering Rio's family when he was young, leading to his nightmares that have plagued him for years. At hearing this news, he couldn't believe it and fell to his knees. Rio took a blow meant for Mele from Ron, but she ended up getting kidnapped by Ron. Afer much convincing in Episode 47, Jan and Rio went to assist the Gekiranger in saving Mele. He transformed into GenJyuOu, knowing damn well he would become a slave. But he was able to overcome it and broke off the GenJyuKen tie and became his Black Lion form once again. Together, the seven joined forces and destroyed Ron. He and Mele then went to SCRTC, Gou, Miki and Jan very happy to have Rio back. But, not Ran and Retsu, who can't forgive them for their sins. So, they undergo a ritual duel for forgiveness.