Jan Kando, GekiRed
Jan Kando, GekiRed
Full Name: Jan Kando
Ranger Designation: GekiRed, Super GekiRed
Weapons: GekiNuchaku, GekiSaber, Super GekiClaw, Super SaiBlade
Gear: GekiChanger
Gekibeasts: GekiTiger, GekiShark, GekiGorilla

Jan was raised by tigers within a forest away from society for unknown reasons. Because of his unique upbringing, his senses are amplified and thinks with his body not his brain. He sometimes uses his personal 'Jan-ish' language that includes such depictions as 'kena-kena,' 'goro-goro' and 'zowa-zowa.' SCRTC chose him because he personifies the 'body', a central part of the team, giving him the nickname of 'The Unbreakable Body.' Even though he is still a novice, he practices the Fierce Beast Tiger-Fist style. He can be pinned against the ground by a giant log and not have a scratch on him. He can feel when Rio or any other evil is attacking. He has since had to get used to the city life and finding out what he fights for. Jan calls most of the Kensei by their animal name. Rio was the last of the three to be trained by the Fist Saints (Kensei). Jan instantly got along with Sharkie Chan, the less experienced than the other Kensei. He was so eager to have Jan as his first pupil. Jan soon proved Sharkie was a great master when he showed off his skills with the GekiSabers. When Rio severely beaten the triad, ShaFu convinced Rio to spare them until they learnt the Extreme Ki, the Kangeki. The Gekiranger were challenged by the Master Triangle, Jan was the only one who lose. He lost to Gorrie Yen. Jan eventually found why he fought, he was the first to gain the Kageki.

Before then, he showed a huge amount of Ki, which reminded Rio of a 'white tiger' he once fought. Jan later served as bodyguard a celebrity named Alice who was in possession of Ikigimo, the key to reviving the last Kenma. He showed her the beauty of the world. When Kata trapped all the Kensei and was slowly dripping away their lives, Jan took it seriously and defeated Kata byusing Bruce E.'s advice, via Master ShaFu. After the Beast Power Bloom, Jan is the first of the Gekiranger become aware the strength they all gained. Jan also sensed the strongest opponent and sought it out, thinking it was Maku but it was Rio, much to Rio's amusement. Rio told Jan to defeat Maku so they could continue their rivalry. This intrigued and sombered Jan. Ron lured Rio into the GenJyuKen with the prescence of his rival Dan's GekiSoul in the body of Suugu, a mindless puppet. Jan was lured by music Suugu played and spoke to him, but he didn't respond, of course because he had no mind. Jan touched Suugu and it burned a symbol on his chest. Later he found out according to Master ShaFu that the symbol occurs when a father and son who have strong GekiWaza touch. Rio was sure Jan is the son Dan mentioned when Rio killed him. Jan's mind went wild when he found out Suugu was his father, that being he never knew anything about his birth parents.

Rio said he'd wait until Jan was ready to fight him, as his rivarly with Dan will end with him. When the GenJyuOu and his Phantom Generals beating up his friends, Jan learned it was his dad's wish that Jan be Rio's destined rival and Jan became disillusioned and defected from the team. Jan was distrubed with other people determining his life. He returned to the jungle he grew up in, which was near the village his parents lived in and it not only took Master ShaFu's uruging and Mele attacking them, it was a locket with the picture of his parents that encouraged him to save his friends from Ron's Twin Phantoms. Suugu was later sent to kill Jan, but Jan was able to touch his soul and he came around. But, Suugu wanted Jan to kill him. He initally refused to but when he finally did it, Dan's Geki Soul thanked him for freeing him and told him to go on his own path. When Gou challenged Rio and was ultimately wounded, Jan engaged in the destined battle with Rio, but on his own terms. In Episode 46, Gorrie taps Jan's memory to when he last saw his mother. During the storm that destroyed the village Jan lived in with his parents, Jan's mother put him on a log and sent him down a stream. Ron then killed her, teasing that it is revenge for sending her son to his death. When Rio became disillusioned that Ron coereced his entire life, Jan encouraged him to keep fighting.

After SaiDaiGekiRinTouja defeats Ron, Jan invites both Rio and Mele to SCRTC, despite protests from both Ran and Retsu. Jan tried to talk Rio and Mele out of undergoing the Fist Judgement but it was no use. He later found out they intended to die. In memory of Rio's final act, Jan wears the Kenma Bracelet (which he continues to wear) and vows to destroy Ron once and for all. During the final battle, Jan, Ran, and Retsu are taken to an astral RinJyuDen, where they were met by Rio and Mele. Jan there mastered Maku's RinJyu Bear-Fist style, unifying both Geki and Rin JyuKen Styles. With his and the others' newfound skills, he goes on to seal Ron in a small ball. Jan keeps the ball with him to ensure that Ron's power never falls into the wrong hands. He then leaves SCRTC, saying his final farewells to his comrades. While teaching JyuKen to kids in Hong Kong, he runs into a boy who looks similar to Rio, apparently the same aura as him as well and decides to be his sensei.