Rinrinshi >> Beast-Men List 1
[Listed are the monsters that appear in Episodes 1-3, 10-12, 17-19, and 22]
Once going through many trails, a Rinshi crosses through the Trial Gates in the Confrontation Beast Hall, they can remove their masks and have an animal motif on their forehead, taking on the skills of the animal. When a Rinrinshi performs the Ringi Jujin Jashin Hen (Beast-Man Wicked Body Change), the individual turns into a Beast-Man. They perform Ringi, the Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata's counterpart to Gekiwaza. The techniques of Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts, with various fighting styles to match. They perform the Jashin Goten Hen (Wicked Body Overpowering Heavenly Change) to grow huge. When destroyed, they become petrified into stone and then blow up. This happens untless they are Living Beast-Men, in which they die with crimson flames.

Height: 215cm to 53.7m
Weight: 78kg to 19.5 tons
He is the Gekiranger's first opponent. A master of the Confrontation Beast Mantis-Fist style who is sent to retrieve the Fist Demon Bracelets of the three Fist Demons from Miki who already got it in a shrine deep within the woods. After retrieving the bracelets, he attacked the city and when the Gekiranger came, he shed the rin skin and became his Beast-Man form. He then became giant. Master Shafu roughed him up and he decreased in size. He became a Rinrinshi once again and Mele turned him back into his BeastMan form. Makirika reffered to the death of his enemy as a 'prayer'. His attacks include the Hill Splitting Fist and the Mantis Flashing Cut. Mele and he then plotted to flood the city which they did and he was ultimately defeated by the Gekiranger's GekiTohJa.

Height: 209 cm to 52.2 m
Weight: 126kg to 31.5 tons
This master of the Confrontation Beast Buffalo-Fist style arose after he passed the Chamber of Trials. Gyuya can easily break through solid walls. His attacks include the Buffalo Colliding Horns Tackle and the Buffalo Wild Bovine Kick. He overpowered Jan in round one, but was forced to retreat, turning back to his past form because he was not used to being a Rinrinshi. After more training, Gyuya returned to resume the fight, but only to be beaten by Jan after passing the Cleaning Training ShaFu had him endure. Although GekiTohja was seemingly done for, Gyuya was destroyed after he unknowing inspired GekiTohja in using the Dai Gan-Gan Kick attack.

Height: 218 cm to 54.5 m
Weight: 131kg to 32.7 tons
A Confrontation Beast Pangolin-Fist user with a Rinki-charged nigh-impenetrable scale armor, calling himself "The Rinki Boulder" and known to others as the "Rock-Hard Destroyer." Pangolins are referred to as scaly anteaters. He used very stilted speech once he was a Beastman. He was the first Rinrinshi to actually defeat GekiTohja in battle before resuming his actual mission, to cause a earthquake to destroy the city in order to gather enough Ringi for Kata the sky beast demon after his ressurection. Muzankose loved the flavor of the tectonic plates and seeked the perfect one to destroy the city. He could drill through the ground by spinning around in his ball form. He digs a hole into the ground and is pulled out by GekiYellow using the GekiHammer. Muzankose was the first to fight GekiElephanTohja and was defeated by the Great Firm Ball attack.

Height: 216 cm to 54.0 m
Weight: 73kg to 18.3 tons
He is a Confrontation Beast Eel-Fist artist and generates a Rinki-charged slime all over his body that can slip past any attack. He creates a lot of slime so people and cars around the city slip on. Jan had to master a towel-style attack to remove the slime on the Beast-Man's body, which weakens him. Nagiu became nervous and loses control when he can't turn his Rinki into slime. He was defeated by GekiElephanTohja's Great Firm Ball.

Height: 210 cm to 52.5m
Weight: 84kg to 21 tons
He is a Confrontation Hermit Crab-Fist User who appeared before his mistress Rageku with flowers and traveled to Aozame Island to cause Sharkie Chan suffering to make Rageku proud. He first possesses Bae in order to possess Sharkie and attack the Gekirangers with Sharkie's body. Then, after pretending to be defeated, possesses GekiShark with his Ringi Hontai Shudatsu Uchi (Base-Form Robbing Strike) and attacks GekiTouja. After being defeated by GekiElephanTouja, Dokariya possesses Miki and uses her to frame Sharkie, sending the others away so can attack ShaFu, the person Rageku wanted to suffer. He's discovered and after being blocked and defeated by Jan, he enlarges and battles GekiSharkTouja underwater, killed by its Great Gan Gan Cut during a duel of ultimate "drill-spin-attacks". He is a Living Beast-man and had no Rinrinshi form.

Height: 211 cm to 52.7m
Weight: 97kg to 24.2 tons
He is a Confrontation Beast Toad-Fist user fights the Gekiranger in the beginning of Episode 19 and then grows huge.He has the same ringi as Maga, Chou Tai You Pao, the barrier around himself. His hidden ringi is the Chou Chou Yaku, to launch himself in the sky. He is the first to fight all three Beast-Fist Armaments of GekiTohja and destroyed by GekiSharkTouja. Seen really quickly in this episode.

Height: 206 cm to 51.5m
Weight: 112kg to 28 tons
He is a Confrontation Beast Pig-Fist user who tries to take the Ikigimo (Life Organ) needed to revive Maku, the Land kenma from a young lady celebrity Alice who has it around her neck. He attacked another long lady he thought was her. He uses a pork-link sausage weapon. Once he kidnapped Alice and Mele got the Ikigimo, he tried to cook her to eat her and Jan saved her. He was destroyed by GekiSharkFire. Most of the episode took a comical approach with him and many pig snouts appearing when he would teleport and when he was destroyed, it looked like a cartoon pork being roasted.