He is the GenJyu Chimera-Fist master. Though he was seen being carried in his casket by Sanyo, Suugu was in a state of rest as the result of falling from the Infinite Way, while undergoing the Blood-Oath Ceremony. But Suugu was later fully awakened by Ron after Sanyo failed in convincing Rio of the Phantom Beast Fist's power. In Episode 38, Rio sensed the familar Ki of Dan, Rio's motivation to become stronger. Ron made Suugu made from Dan's lifeless body and Geki Soul, though lacking the man's mind. Though mindless, a hint of Dan seems to remain within Suugu. Rio revealed to everyone, including Jan that Suugu was Dan and Dan was Jan's father in Episode 40. In Episode 44, Ron, restricted by Jan, ordered Suugu to kill Jan. Suugu used old Ringi from Rinirishi Jan fought before like Hiwa's Crocodile-Fist Mudbank Torso Snapping, Maga's Toad-Fist Oily Body-Armor and Sorisa's Scorpion-Fist Crimson Lotus Vermillion Whip Kick. After nearly destroying Jan, Suguu memories as Dan reawakened and he took a blow intended for Jan from Ron. In Episode 45, he requested Jan defeat him, Jan refused to but ultimately he had to. He transformed into Super Geki Red and destroyed Suugu with his GekiClaw. As the flames rose, Dan appeared to his son. Dan told Jan to walk his own path. His name is based on Sou Yu of Shi Jing.
Height: 215 cm to 58.0 m
Weight: 103 kg to 27.8 t

Height: 205 centimeters to 55.3 meters
Weight: 93 kilograms to 25.1 tons
He is one of Suugu's Twin Phantoms, master of the GenJyu Hanuman-Fist, which uses a Bojutsu (staff tecgnique) fighting style. Shuen made endless clones of himself using the Gengi Vehement Hair Clone Change using a fragment of his hair on Christmas. The Gekiranger interfered with him and he skipped off where Ken saw him and started fighting him. Shuen grew huge and beat the Gekiranger's standard finishers, with his rage of taking it personal, Ken created a new ice attack to freeze Shuen. SaiDaiGekiFire then destroyed the still frozen Shuen. His Gengi includes Heavenly Axial Spin, Great Ape Time, and Explosive Flame Painted Walking Demon. Shuen was destroyed by SaiDaiOh. His name is based on Zhu Yan of the Shan Hai Jing, and motif is the Monkey of the Earthly Branches. Hanuman is part of Hinduism and one of the more important personalities in the Indian epic the Ramayana.

Height: 212 centimeters to 57.2 meters
Weight: 91 kilograms to 24.5 tons
He is one of Suugu's Twin Phantoms. A master of the GenJyu Cerberus-Fist. When Mele meets him, he treats her rudely. He is Braco's brother, turning out he was much more ambitious than him since he became GenJyuKen, but ambitious nevertheless. Being it that Mele killed Braco, one of the Venom Fists, he threw one of rings at her, saying he wanted a revenge. When she questions him, he flakes on the revenge and explains he wants to be a Phantom General and can't stand being a Phantom Twin under Suugu. Mele suggests collecting screams so Rio will upgrade him, which he does. He throws rings around victim's necks that send down electricity that sends the screams and despair to him. Ran, Retsu, and Ken fought him. He was killed by SaiDaiOh in Episode 44. His name is based on Jiao of the Shan Hai Jing, and motif is the Dog of the Earthly Branches.