Mechung Fu
In 'Movie Edition Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Nei-Nei! Ho-Ho! Hong Kong Decisive Battle,' where Ran, Jan, Retsu, Rio, and Mele are transported to an island where they encounter Hong Kong Media King Yan. He is the founder of a newly created martial arts, called Mechung Fu, which allows its users to transform into mechanical Beast Men by combining science and martial arts. They take the Chi of Ran, Retsu and Rio which forces the Gekirangers to team up with the Akugata to battle the Mechung Fu users of Hong Kong and save the world.

Hong Kong Media King Yang
He is a Mechung Fu Ant Lion-Fist master and founder of the Mechung Fu. He manipulates the world's economy and Hong Kong's media king. He transports any martial arts fighters from around the world to Hong Kong to fight to find who is the best. He uses his position in the Universal Martial Arts Association sponsored on his island to conceal his true intent, which is absorbing the Ki of fighters to become the strong being to rule the planet. When Rio, Mele, Ran and Retsu met him, they swore they wouldn't help him win. He considers JyuKen a kid's game. He got cuffed by Lao Fan, but with the collected power, he became his cyborg Beastman form. His fighting style includes Sand Castle, creating a sandpit to drag his opponents into and can send many missles from him to attack his enemies. He then absorbs the Ki of the innocent citizens of Hong Kong. He was defeated by the three gekiranger, but he came back within the Mechan'non. He is destroyed by GekiRinTohja.

Voluptuous Secretary Miranda
Yang's assistant who is a Machine-Man that has mastered the Mechung Fu Sea Anemone-Fist. She uses her Petal Missile for offense attacks, but she also uses it to locate martial artists to bring to Yang. She first fights Mele. She uses her Super Absorbing Ki to drain her opponents dry of their ki, she did this to many warriors, Mele, Retsu and Ran. She uses it to power Yang's transformation. In obtaining the last amount from Rio, he dismantaled her with his Brave-Roar Wave. But she managed to suck out his Ki.

Yang pilots this giant antlion robot and plans to use the robot to rule the world. It was hidden in plain sight as stone statue of the Kannon. He makes it night and attacks the city. Its main attacks include the Mechan Drop and Mechan Violent Wind Slash. GekiRinTohja destroyed both Mechan'non and Yang by slicing Mechan'non in pieces and it exploded.