Some sources list Gen as: Mystical, Phantom
GenJyuKen is the JyuKen style which exceeds GekiJyuKen and RinJyuDen, its users seek to surpass the power of natural beasts by mastering fighting styles and power from one of thirteen mythical creatures. It utilizes a golden ki called Genki and a gold colored Beast-Man form. The philosophy of GenJyuKen is supported by its coordinator Ron. Ron comes to Rio and Mele, offering them more power. Mele joins Ron, Sanyo, and Suugu to be the Four Phantom Generals. Each Phantom General has Twin Phantoms, two supporters. The Phantom Beast King is said to be Rio.

The Four Phantom Generals are loosely based on the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellation. Sanyo's Basilisk is based on the black tortoise of the north, Ron is based on the dragon of the east, part of Suugu's Chimera and his past GekiJyuKen style is based on the White Tiger of the west, and Mele's Phoenix is based on the vermillion bird of the south.