Gou Fukami, GekiViolet
Full Name: Gou Fukami
Ranger Designation: GekiViolet
Weapons: Fists, Knees, Feet
Gear: GongChanger
Gekibeast: GekiWolf, GekiTiger, GekiJaguar

Gou Fukami was a student of Master ShaFu, along with Rio. He was originally believed to be killed by Rio when they confronted each other. What had happen was that he used a forbidden Gekiwaza--Beast Full-Body Change (Jyu Jyu Zenshin Hen), one that the Kensei used to seal the Kenma long ago, but it trapped him in a form of a werewolf. He lost his memory and traveled for fifteen years after that. When the last Kenma was revived, it awoke Gou, who regained his human form temporarily. When first seeing brother Retsu, he did not recognize him as the last time he was saw him Retsu was just a child. Gou was upset that Retsu broke his promise not to fight evil. Gou raised his little brother in the place of their parents. Gou is protective of his brother's well-being and wished him to pursue his artistic skill. Gou's only personal pursuit lead him to master the dangerous form of Fierce Ki he developed himself called the Shigeki (Violet Fierce Ki). He reinvented the Wolf Fist style to his own personal Fukami Style. Master ShaFu warned him that Shigeki did not choose him, he once compared it to Rinki as well. Gou finally realized Retsu's ability as a warrior and accepted his chose to fight as a Gekiranger but Gou didn't want to become a Gekiranger. He didn't believe in fighting for the same justice the GekiJyuKen stands for. He saw himself as a lone wolf, to do what he wanted when he wanted. He also felt his hands were dirty. Retsu knew Gou was not the type to let people suffer. When Gou saved Miki's daughter Natsume from Mele, he realized he did fight for some osrt of justice.

ShaFu believes Gou actually does have the passion of justice deep inside him. Miki gave him the GongChanger to become GekiViolet ShaFu commissioned for Gou when Gou first obtained the Shigeki. It was later revealed that the mysterious GenJyuKen user Ron was behind exacerbating Gou's transformation into a werewolf. Bae, who also performed the forbidden Jyu Jyu Zenshin Hen came to help Gou. Because Gou's technique was flawed, he was able to return to his human side. ShaFu and Pyon Biao did sense Ron's interference but they didn't find out the source. When Bae spoke, he used his Fly-Fist Gekiwaza to tame Gou's beast and calling his heart of justice. Bae used the Speak-Speak Soul (Koto Koto Dama) to enable Gou to fight his wolf side and destroy it. Gou felt deep gratitude for Bae's help. Because Bae fed off Mele's Rinki and he was far from her for a long time, he was dying. His dying wish to Gou was to see a giant battle. Luckily Mele revived him but took him back with her. Gou is able to call GekiTiger and GekiJaguar from his GekiWolf, because of his audacious and freewheeling Fukami Style and form GekiToujaWolf on his own. In Episode 40, it hurt Gou deeply that Rio hurt Jan so much, but when Jan's spirit went so down to the point that he wanted to quit, Gou used tough love towards him. As Rio and Dan believed Jan was Rio's destined rival, Gou stressed to Jan he had to fight him. However, later on after Jan returned to the team, Gou decided he would take Rio down.

In Episode 44 and 45, Gou gave Michelle Peng a fish as a present and implored her to teach him Bruce E.'s Geki Waza Tenchi Tenbenda (Heaven and Earth Turning Transformation Strike). He was to harness his Gekiwaza through his fist unto a waterfall to reverse the flow. He successfully does, when he thinks back to his friendship with Rio. Saying it is for his friendship for Rio, he challenges Rio, who sensed his powerful Ki. Gou put a flower on Rio's suit as a symbol of their friendship and Rio flicked it off and later stepped on it. An underling, Gouyu got in Gou's way and Gou told Rio he could defeat him before he can count to three. He successfully destroys Gouyu but is unable to defeat Rio and was wounded severely. When Jan arrived, Gou was convinced he was his destined rival and aksed Jan to defeat Rio for him. After everyone discovered Ron was the true mastermind and was simply using Rio, Rio came to SCRTC and Gou was happy to have his friend back. During the final battle, Gou, Ken, and the Kensei kept Ron at bay until Jan, Ran, and Retsu returned. Gou watched as his younger brother, Retsu, along with Jan and Ran, defeats Ron and seals his powers. After all is said and done, Gou goes on his own journey with Bae at his side. Jan meets him along the way and gives him a final farewell before the two go on their own distinct paths.