Beast-Fist Gekitouja
Height: 52.0m
Width: 32.0m
Weight: 2100 tons
Speed: 510km/h
GekiBeasts: GekiTiger, GekiCheetah, GekiJaguar
Gekithoja wields a three-seciton staff and performs a torso spin attack. Once the Gekitouja is formed, the Gekiranger appeared in a temple. They perform unison attacks that the Gekithoja mimics. Appears in episode 2.

Height: 53.8m
Width: 46.4m
Length: 16 m
Weight: 4200 tons
Speed: 420km/h
Power Output: 2100
GekiBeasts: GekiTiger, GekiCheetah, GekiJaguar, GekiElephant
GekiElephant combines with Gekitouja to become GekiElephanTouja, first in Episode 11. It gives Gekitouja more armor and a flail-like weapon called the EleHammer. The attack Great Firm Ball is performed with the weapon by GekiElephanTouja.

Height: 58.5m
Width: 65m
Length: 21.2 m
Weight: 3000 tons
Speed: Mach 2
Power Output: 2100
GekiBeasts: GekiTiger, GekiCheetah, GekiJaguar, GekiBat
GekiBat's wings become blades that Gekitouja can use to glide with and spin around itself. It gave Gekitouja the ability of flight when the Gekiranger needed it the most against the Flying Fists, the bodyguards of Kata, the Kenma of the sky in Episode 14. It's attack is Great Degree Fan.

Height: 65.5m
Width: 45.5m
Weight: 3090 tons
Speed: 120 (depending on resistance)
Power Output: 2400
GekiBeasts: GekiTiger, GekiCheetah, GekiJaguar, GekiShark
GekiShark combines with Gekitouja to become GekiSharkTouja, first in Episode 17. It gives Gekitouja blade weapons to use in much of the fashion of the GekiSabers. GekiShark allows GekiTouja to dominate flawless underwater performance. GekiSharkTohja spins rapidly while it glides towards the target and the spinning blades slashing through the foe, this particular GekiWaza is referred to as Great Firm Slash. A head butt drill attack is known as Great Gan Gan Cut.

Height: 52.0m
Width: 32.0m
Weight: 2100 tons
Speed: 600 km/h
Power Output: 2000
GekiBeasts: GekiTiger, GekiWolf, GekiJaguar
GekiWolf replaces GekiCheetah as the left leg of GekiTouja in Episode 25. The Confrontation Beast Baboon-Fist user Hihi targeted GekiCheetah and Gou came to the rescue with GekiWolf. The finisher attack, Dai Rou Rou Kyaku, is when the tail goes to the wolf's mouth and used as a buzzsaw. In Episode 26, Gou calls forth GekiTiger and GekiJaguar from his GekiWaza and forms GekiTouja. He runs a rampage as a werewolf due to Ron's interference in Episode 27.

Height: 53.0m
Width: 50.0m
Length: 21.5m
Weight: 3500 tons
Speed: 550 km/hr
Power Output: 3000
GekiBeasts: GekiTiger, GekiCheetah, GekiJaguar, RinLion, RinChameleon
Powered by both Geki and Rinki, GekiRinTohja uses the Fierce-Confrontation Fist fighting style that combines both Beast-Fist styles to perform the Fierce Confrontation Slash spin-slash attack. It first appears in 'Movie Edition Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Nei-Nei! Ho-Ho! Hong Kong Decisive Battle,' GekiTouja was getting beat up and Lao Fan encouraged Rio and Mele to help the trio. Rio said he was merely doing it in order to show the true power of JyuKen to Yang, who mocked it. In Episode 33, when the Gekiranger, Rio, and Mele are sent to the Edo Era by Rageku, they formed it once again.

Height: 53.0m
Width: 50.0m
Weight: 3500 tons
Speed: 600 km/h
Power Output: 3500
GekiBeasts: GekiTiger, GekiWolf, GekiJaguar, RinLion, RinChameleon
In Gekiranger vs. Boukenger, Rio, Mele, Gou, and Ken piloted GekiRinToujaWolf against Pachacamac XII with Bae inside. Its finisher is the GekiRin Rou Rou Zan.