Confrontation Beast Hall
The Confrontation Beast Hall are the practicers of the evil school of the Beast-Fist known as Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata. Their power comes from the suffering and screams of the weak. The Chi energy they use is called Rinki or Confrontation Spirit with which they can perform Confrontation Techniques, Ringi, which is the polar opposite of Geki Waza. Rio, rebuilds the Confrontation Beast Hall with intent on world domination with his army of kyonshi martial artists brought back from the dead to gather large amounts of "Rinki."

He is actually a practicer of the GekiJyu Fly-Fist Style, it is a technique for changing GekiWaza into words. Long ago before Rio's reign, Bae fought Mele and he performed the forbidden Gekiwaza called the Beast Full-Body Change (JyuJyuZenshin Hen). Because his technique was flawed, he became his present form--which is rather small. He was swallowed by Mele and was in her stomach when Rio revived her. He now lives off Rinki, meaning Bae's life is dependant on Mele and being away from her for too long can prove fatal. He usually stays within her stomach, but when a giant battle begins, he gets out and acts as a commentator for the battle. He first appears in episode 2. In Episode 27, Bae is found by Pyon and brought to SCRTC to help Gou control his werewolf side. Bae tamed Gou's body in the werewolf form so Gou could fight the werewolf independently (Koto Koto Dama). Gou suceeded in destroying the wolf side and thanked Bae for it. In Episode 47, he visits the Gekiranger at SCRTC and takes them to the RinJyuDen dojo on Gou's shoulder to rescue Mele. When Rio and Mele agree to go to SCRTC, Mele and Bae are at more friendly terms. When Mele surpressed her Genki, this caused Bae's own Geki to excess, freeing him from being reliant on her lifeforce. Thus, when she dies in Episode 48, he lives on as Gou's companion as he travels the world.

Rinshi / Rinrinshi
The Rinshis are the kyonshi warriors revived by Rio and led by Mele. The lowest level are called Rinshi, and they wear a mask formed by a hat and a bandage covering their eyes. If the Rinshi can cross through the Trial Gates in the Confrontation Beast Hall, they can remove the mask and the animal symbol on their forehead allows them to transform in Beast-Men, more powerful form. Colors of uniform and forehead ornament varies from Rinrinshi to Rinrinshi. Mele was once in this form before Rio gave her power to look how she presently does. The Rinshi disappear after Episode 36 and resurface in Episode 46 when Ran, Retsu, Ken, Gou and Bae went to the Confrontation Beast Hall to save Mele.

In the aftermath of Maku's defeat, only one lowly Rinshi was left. He failed to suceed the Trial Room to become a Rinrinshi. Mele told him to find her a bribe to become a Rinrinshi, his dream. Finding the Raspberry Diamond, the Rinshi dons Butoka armor and obtains the item before Mele enables him to use his full power. But a frustrated Ken arrives in SaiDaiOh and easily destroys the last Rinshi.