The Three Fist Demons (Sankenma)
The creators of the Akugata are three of the ten Beast Fist masters that refer themselves as the Three Fist Demons. Rio has a Rinrishi get the Fist Demon Bracelets that contain their souls and they communicate to him. He aimed to raise each one from the dead but he first needed the hidden 'Ringi' of Braco, one of the Venom Fists. Once he obtained three of his 'True Venoms,' he only needed to find their corpses to revive them. Rio seeks to learn from them to become stronger.

Sky Fist Demon Kata
[EPISODES 11-16, 19-34]
Height: 219 cm to 61 m
Weight: 95 kg to 26.6 tons
In his captive form, appeared at the end of Episode 11 and was revived in Episode 12. He is the grand master at the Confrontation Beast Hawk-Fist and was first to reveal his location to Rio through the bracelets. Rio revived him from a huge stone that was sealed
by ShaFu's Geki barrier. Kata was impressed with Rio's successfully reviving him and his designs for absolute power. Upon his rebirth, Kata awards Rio by training him, which would prove the 'lion cub's' (how he often refers him as) right to lead the Confrontation Beast Hall. However, Kata's motto is "There is training in a battle to the death" where his power comes from sucking the fear of his opponents. Though Kata was defeated, his life was spared by Rio, who Kata approved as his student, teaching him the means to acquire Rinki from his malice and hatred. However, Kata challenges Rio in stripping all humanity from him. Kata's brutal training methods did make Mele worry for Rio. Kata's bodyguards are the Flying Fist Demons. When Rageku came back, he was happy to have her back but didn't agree with her that Mele had potential. Rageku asked Kata if it was okay if Mele and Rio became her students, Kata admited they had different styles but he was fine with it. He left in Episode 16 and told her to notify him if she needed him. He returns unannounced to participate in the RinMei Ceremony to prove Rio's commitment in Episode 19. He gives some of his Rinki to bring a statue to life Kabutomushi Confrontation Ki Solider Butoka. He and Rageku revel over the darkness and peril falling over the city until the Gekiranger stop it in Episode 21. They revive the Soliders to make them giant. He and Rageku both fear Maku, but tries to impress Maku and one-up Mele. In Episode 32, he punched Sharkie Chan with Rinki to find out what happened after the Kensei killed them long ago. In Episode 34, he was the one to trap the Kensei. Jan was able to defeat him using a technique Bruce E. passed down to ShaFu. Kata was killed by SaiDaiOh. In Episode 49, his Dorinki is transferred to Ran in the finale by Rio, who utilizes it to merge her own style with his, unifying both JyuKen styles.

Sea Fist Demon Rageku
[EPISODES 15 - 35]
Height: 202 cm to 56 m
Weight: 60 kg to 16.8 tons
Rageku is the Grand Mistress of the Confrontation Beast Jelly-Fist, whose fighting style focuses on pain and suffering. She can deflect their attacks and mastered to use her opponent's Ki against them. Much like Kata, Rageku uses her students and makes them
suffer. She is more dedicated to jealously and betrayal. Mele offered to revive the next two Kenma for Rio. Rageku was second of the Fist Demons to be revived and by Mele at the end of Episode 15. Rageku responded through the bracelets when she heard Mele's dilemma. Mele broke the barrier over her burial ground at the bottom of the sea. When Rageku was revived, she offered to teach Mele how to cause real pain. Rageku was brought to the Hall by Mele and she causes a downpour of rain that pleases Kata of her return in Episode 16. Rio asks to be her pupil but she isn't impressed and wants to teach Mele, which makes Mele blush. Rageku tells Mele to fight Rio but she refuses. Rageku attacks Mele, Rio saves her but in turn gets injected with a venom by one of Rageku's tentacles. Ringi Rabu Shouwaku reacts to his Rinki and spreads the venom faster. Rageku goes off to find an appropriate opponent for Mele and fights GekiTouja. Master ShaFu responds to her presence saying they have unfinished business--they once had a romantic relationship. Rageku mentions missing his former handsome form. She flirts with him but he rejects her once again, as she claims he did long ago. He calls her actions and betrayal from long ago 'mistakes.'
Rageku forced Mele to combat ShaFu with Rio at risk. Mele pushed herself to limit to defeat ShaFu but Rio manages to desolve the venom and save Mele. Rio proves himself to Rageku. She made note that Rio was jealous of Mele and jealously leads to strength. Both Rio and Mele become her students. She plots to kill ShaFu. Her first follower Dokariya tired using his ringi to humiliate Sharkie Chan and kill ShaFu for his mistress. She gives some of his Rinki to bring a statue to life Kabutomushi Confrontation Ki Solider Wagataku. She and Kata revel over the darkness and peril falling over the city until the Gekiranger stop it in Episode 21. She and Kata both fear Maku but serve him without quesiton. In Episode 32, when the Gekiranger, Rio and Mele reached the Rhino within the Beast Origin Village, she sent them to the past through a time warp using her Ringi Jireppa (Time-Split Wave). In Episode 34, Ken fought her because she burned down the Beast Origin Village and as a result, SouJyuto flew to him and he unlocked SaiDain. In Episode 35, she showed Rio and Mele why exactly Maku betrayed Bruce E and the others. It was revealed that Rageku tried to stop Maku confront ShaFu. Later on, she was devastated when she saw Maku being defeated and went to a dock, only to be literally liquidified by Ron, who showed her his GenJyuKen Beastman form. He told her that the Kenma were not needed anymore. Her last worry was about Rio. Ron he takes her broken staff as proof of her demise. In Episode 49, her Dorinki is transferred to Retsu by Rio, who utilizes it to merge her style with his own, unifying the two schools.

Land Fist Demon Maku
[EPISODE 22 - 35]
Height: 217 cm to 60.7 m
Weight: 104 kg to 29.2 tons
Maku is a Confrontation Beast Bear-Fist grand master. The True Venom alone is not able to revive him due to how he was sealed. His Life Organ called the Ikgimo, which was 'created' from a part of him and hidden by the Kensei, was needed
to revive him. He is feared by the other two Fist Demons for his tremendous power and the Dorinki (Fury Confrontation Ki), a supreme form of Confrontation Ki obtained through anger. Maku used this Ki to reign over the Confrontation Beast Hall as its greatest warrior. Sharkie was in charge of the Ikgimo and lost it in a tidal wave and it got in the possession of a celebrity by the name of Alice. Mele stole it and it was used to revive Maku in Episode 22. In Episode 23, he takes his place as the leader once again, taking it from Rio. Rio wants to learn how to generate Dorinki Maku possess. Maku lends DoRinki to other RinJyuKen users to devastate the Earth. Maku wanted to start the GekiRin Rebellion once again. Once Rio posses the DoRinki, he wanted to kill Maku to rule the Beast Confrontation Hall. Ron, who has a past with him, confronted him in Episode 31 to tease him about Rio. In Episode 32, he lead the other Kenma to the Beast Origin Village, where he punished Rio. Master ShaFu revealed that Maku was chosen to be Bruce E.'s successor and he is the strongest of the JyuKen. The Gekiranger combated Maku with GekiFire but were no much for him. In Episode 35, Rageku revealed to Rio and Mele that Maku was not Bruce E.'s first choice for his successor. It was Master ShaFu but he refused. When Maku found out the truth, he was upset and threatened ShaFu. He then decided to break off and start the RinJyuden, aiming to obtain power all for himself. He and the other Kenma killed Bruce E and started the GekiRin Rebellion. He defeated all the Kensei and made them into a living stone. He drained their lifeforce and drank it. The Gekiranger managed to stop the complete draining but Maku did drink some and started attacking the city with many Rinshi. The Gekiranger fought him and because of the Beast Power Blooming, Jan was able to defeat him. In an epic battle, Maku was eventually killed, ending the old GekiRin Rebellion and restoring the Kensei. It was later discovered that Ron devised a means to bring Maku to his side, aiding in the foundation of the Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata in secret, while conditioning Maku to become the Destroyer. In Episode 49, his Dorinki is transferred to Jan by Rio, who utilizes it to merge both Geki and Rin styles together and unifying the two schools in order to defeat Ron.