Full Name: Mele
Height: 202cm
Weight: 60kg

Mele is a Rinrinshi who was previously a Confrontation Beast Chameleon-Fist user. She was brought back from the dead by Rio and has pledged her heart to him. Through Ron's ritual Gengi 'Turned Phatom-Storage,' Mele is infused with Genki and reborn as a Phantom General in Episode 37, mastering the GenJyu Phoenix-Fist style. She shows off her new powers to the Gekiranger in Episode 38. Mele's Gengi "Flame-General Fearful-Desire" projects her Genki as a phoenix to consume her opponents in flames. In Episode 45, when GekiRed defeated Rio in his GenJyuOu form, he grew giant and was unable to control the form. Mele screamed out to her love and only her voice was able to stop his rampage. He returned to normal size and Mele grabbed him to retreat, before he could question Ron. She was angry at Ron and knocked him out of the way twice. In Episode 46, Rio took a killing blow that was meant for Mele from Ron. Ron then punched Mele in the gut and took her hostage in order for Rio to continue with his plan. Ran, Retsu, Gou, Bae, and Ken head to the Confrontation Beast Hall dojo to save Mele and take on Ron. After much convincing by Jan, Rio came to save Mele. Along with Rio, she shed away her GenJyuKen form. She joined Rio and the Gekiranger to defeat Ron. Her motifs are the Vermilion Bird and the Rooster (Chinese Zodiac) of the Earthly Branches.

Height: 220cm to 59.4m
Weight: 107kg to 28.9t
He is one of Mele's Twin Phantoms. A master of the Phantom-Beast Unicorn-Fist, creates a cult controling children, including Miki's daughter Natsume. The children develop horns on their foreheads, they are hypnotized and non responding at first when Jan and Miki find them. Having them go to his Unicorn Palace, Haku intened to have them amplify his Gengi's affects world-wide to gather the despair of devastated parents. Natsume is controlled to lead the fight against Jan and Miki. It tickled him when Miki ate deserts to snap Natsume out of the spell. He grew huge from the castle he kept the children, destroying it. He was destroyed by Miki using SaiDaiOh. His name is based on Bo of the Shan Hai Jing and his motif is the Horse of the Earthly Branches.

Height: 201cm to 54.2m
Weight: 79kg to 21.3t
Sanyo presents Mele with her Twin Phantoms, one being Hiso, a master of the Phantom-Beast Pixie-Fist. She is female and speaks in a delightful voice. In Episode 46, Hiso defends Mele and Rio from Sanyo and joins them to the site where Rio lost his family. There they find the GekiJyuKen sect and Ron reveals he was Hiso in disguise. Later, the real Hiso comes along and her alliance is towards Ron's. She aided him with a vain attempt to keep the Mele, Gekiranger, and Master ShaFu away from Ron and Rio. Mele fought Hiso, until she went to Rio's aid. Hiso uses the blades around her wrists in attacks such as True Sword Soaring Dance and Thrust Sword Absorb. She mentions being given the unbeatable power of the GenJyu. Hiso was destroyed by all 11 GekiBeast's GekiGeki All Beast Cannon. Her name is based on Fei Shu of the Shan Hai Jing, a collection of Chinese mythology. Her motif is the Rabbit of the Earthly Branches and the Chinese Zodiac.