Height: 223 cm to 60.2 m
Weight: 116 kg to 31.3 t
Sanyo is a GenJyu Basilisk-Fist Master, and uses gravity-based attacks. He appears at the end of Episode 36, dragging a large wooden coffin holding the mysterious Suugu. He has a chronic cough and has a habit of adding the word 'yo' after each sentence. He has a bit of loose tounge when trying to show off. He is one of the Four Phantom Generals. Each Phantom General has two apprentices under them called the Twin Phantoms. His Gengi attacks include 'Big-Heavy Slowdown' that increases his opponents' gravity to crush them, and 'Small-Light Violent Change' that reduces an opponents' gravity to be blown away. In Episode 47, he fought Ken and Gou on RinJyuDen to keep the Gekiranger from Mele. He was defeated by Mele, Ken, Gou, Ran, and Retsu. He survived because of his immortality, Sanyo vomited Long's essence from his body. In Episode 48, Sanyo was devoured by Ron as he assumed his true form. His design is based off of Black Tortoise of the Earthly Branches and his armor's motif is of the Snake from the Chinese Zodiac.

Height: 213 centimeters to 57.5 meters
Weight: 102 kilograms to 27.5 tons
He is one of Sanyo's Twin Phantoms. A master of the Phantom-Beast Minotaur-Fist. He specalizes in mirror attacks. He hits Retsu with a Gengi, which seemingly didn't do anything. When Retsu went to the bathroom mirror, he was attacked by his reflection and switches places with him. His doppleganger was first mute but the longer he spent in the real world, he gained voice and if the real Retsu spent an hour more in the Mirror World, he would become the reflection. The evil Retsu then took over GekiFire when fighting giant Shiyuu. He took over GekiFire to attack SaiDaiOh and became an off-shoot of Shiyuu. When Gou entered the mirror world, he encounter his double as well, which was another off-shoot. Gou saved the real Retsu, the evil Retsu was destroyed. Shiyuu was then destroyed by GekiBatthojaWolf. His name is based on Chi You, Chinese mythology war deity. Other than the Minotaur, his motif based off the Ox of the Chinese Zodiac.

Height: 206 centimeters to 55.6 meters
Weight: 99 kilograms to 26.7 tons
A master of the Phantom-Beast Catoblepas-Fist uses sound-based attacks. He first fights the male Gekiranger in Episode 37 and Super GekiYellow later bested him, leading him to use the growing giant tatic. Sanyo arrived when he was loosing to retreat. One of his Gengi attacks include Beat Thunder Shake. A Catoblepas is a Greek half-buffalo, half-boar mythical beast. He is not seen again until in Episode 45, where he comes to defend Rio when Gou declares a duel. Gou destroys him with the newly-attained Heaven and Earth Turning Transformation Strike. His name is based on He Yu of the Shan Hai Jing, a collection of Chinese mythology. His motif is the Boar of the Chinese Zodiac.