JyuKen Teacher Master Sha-Fu
Master ShaFu is the mentor of the Gekirangers and is one of the original ten that studied Jyuken under Master Bruce E. He and six others became the Kensei (Legendary Fist Saints). He is an aged anthropomorphic Caracal, he talks like an old man and mostly maintains his eyes closed. When he opens them, they are shiny cat eyes. He is grand master of the GekiJyu Felis-Fist. Felis being the genus the Caracal belongs to. Jan refers him to as 'cat.' He fully mastered all three major aspects of the Geki JyuKen: Heart, Technique, and Body. He has mastered the Double Double Clone Fist and used it against the first Rinirishi to challange them, he was able to astral project a large form of himself. He made an oath, along with the other Kensei, to not engage in battle. The training techniques he has his students do can be considered unorthodox in which they resemble ordinary chores. It is revealed in Episode 16 that he was once a handsome young man and has a past with Rageku, the Sea Fist Demon. He rejected her, most likely because she was evil. In Episode 32 and 35, it was explained that ShaFu was to be Bruce E.'s successor but he declined the position and Maku was chosen. However because Maku found out the truth, he killed Bruce in revenge and began the GekiRin Rebellion. While helping Jan in Episode 42, ShaFu found one of on's scale in the ruins of Jan's hometown. In Episode 46, everyone learned the truth behind Maku's betrayal among the revelations of Rio and Jan's past encounters with Ron. This angered ShaFu very much and he parrelleled Maku to Rio and asked Jan to save Rio, like he couldn't with Maku.

Miki Misaki
She is the director of SCRTC who unites the team with strength and kindness. She is assists Shafu and also a student of Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Art, her fellow students were Gou and Rio. She uses the Fierce Beast Leopard-Fist as used in the first episode. She also designs the weapons. She found Jan in the forest when she was in possession of the Kenma Bracelets and combated the Rinshi. She has a teenage daughter named Natsumi, who sometimes hangs out at SCRTC. Miki was manipulated by Dokariya to try to kill ShaFu in Episode 18. In Episode 23, it was revealed she was once a sukeban, a well-known 'delinquent girl' in her youth. She was the leader of the Kanto Sukeban Alliance. In Episode 39, to protect and save her daughter, she used SaiDaiOh against a giant Haku. In Episode 45, she prayed for Jan after her photo of her, Gou, and Rio cracked. Miki Misaki currently remains the director of SCRTC, where her daughter is now enrolled in learning JyuKen.

Natsume Misaki
Appearances: 7-8, 12, 23, 25, 31, 39, 43 & 49
Natsume is Miki's teenage daughter. When Jan first met her, ShaFu had the team watch her in her dance class. She wanted to quit because everyone criticized her because of her individualism. Natsume is very close to Sha-Fu and then grows close to Jan. Natsume is very good at cooking and teaches Jan the importance of patience. She is also very brave, being there for Gou when he became a werewolf at the beach. She pointed out to Gou that he does fight for justice. Her father was seen in Episode 39 briefly, but not his face. At the end of Episode 49, she is Retsu's student at SCRTC.

Beast-Fist Trainer RoboTough
A robot that assists the Gekirangers in their Beast-Fist Training. When the button 'Max' is pressed, it is at master proficiency. It can also simulate the Rinrinshi the Gekiranger is currently fighting.

Hong Kong Interpol Officer Lao Fan
She is transported to an island near Hong Kong in 'Movie Edition Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Nei-Nei! Ho-Ho! Hong Kong Decisive Battle.' She first spoke in Chinese but she speaks clear Japanese, much to Jan's instance. She did so to expose the sinister plot of the Mechung Fu. She was teleported in between of Rio and Jan's fight. She uses numchucks, but is not playing dirty. She and Jan get along fine and are sort of alike. She encouraged Mele and Rio to help the Gekirangers and form GekiRinTouja. The trio were going to leave in the airport but were surprised to find ShaFu, Miki, and Natsume were visiting, so Lao Fan took them touring.

Sachiko Hisatsu
Episode Appearances: 28, 30 & 49
Ken's passionate sister, she spoke up to Jan to accept her brother as a member of the Gekiranger. She helps her father at SCRTC Meisters. On her birthday, she was kidnapped by Mele to obtain the SouJyuto from Ken. Ron took her form to inform him of the kidnapping. Ken gave her a necklace. In Episode 49, she was seen stopping Ken and Elehan Kimpo from fighting at SCRTC Meisters.

Kentaro Hisatsu
Episode Appearances: 28
Ken's father and head of "SCRTC Meisters", the Special Items Development, that poses as a backstree-factory. He is a hands-on man who prefers iron machines than people. He was upset when Ken disgrace the family by selling the SouJyuto. His wife died of an unspecified illness when Ken was young.

Hanyon is the owner of Hanyon's Den of the Occult, an antique store that specalizes in the supernatural. After a war, she lost her family and home. Bat Li saved her from some men and she gave him a trinket asking for him to always be there for her. He wasn't, then she became cold and reserved, bowing a vendetta against GekiJyuKen users. Ken bartered The SouJyuto with her. In Episode 29, he came back for it and she refused to give to him. After some trials and explainations, Ken took her to Bat Li. He surprised her by showing her that he still had the gift she gave him. He explained to her that if they were together, she would not be happy. But he reassured her that their hearts would always be together, no matter the distance.

Bruce E.
Some sources list as: Brusa Li
He was the man who created the Jyuken (Beast-Fist) style and was a Geki Rhinoceros-Fist master. He took under his wing ten students, who later became the Kensei (Fist Saints) and the Kenma (Fist Demons). Bruce appreciated Sha-Fu's abilties and hoped to someday pass his title as JyuKen master to him but ShaFu turned down the offer. Bruce was then forced to name Maku, the next best as his sucessor. Unfortunately, when Maku found this out, he murdered Bruce E along with the other Kenma. This resulted in the GekiRin Rebellion that created the two opposing branches of the JyuKen. Though dead, Brusa Ee's spirit, the Fierce Soul, entered what ShaFu later carved into SaiDain. His motto is "Don't think, feel it", which ShaFu took to heart as well as Ken and Jan. Bruce communicated this to Ken through SaiDain and Jan remembered what ShaFu told him. He is first mentioned and seen in a flashback in Episode 32 and heard in Episode 34.

Mrs. Uzaki
Ran's stern mother, whose disciplinary staple is "Talk is futile!" which makes Ran weak in the knees to succumb. She made a pact that Ran could at SCRTC if only to find a suitable husband when she was of age. After some unsuccessful attempts by Ran's friends to get out of marriage in Episode 37, it finally took Ran being honest about her pledge to save the world that secrued her mother's approval. When Ran's mother saw what they were up against with the GenJyuKen, especially when they lost to the hands and Sanyo and Gouyu.

Dan "Byakko"
Dan is a GekiJyu Tiger-Fist style user, Master ShaFu's star pupil and a senior master of Rio, Gou, and Miki. Dan was able to access KaGeki with little effort and it manifested as a "White Tiger" or Byakko. Although Dan tried to defeat Rio, he was killed. But, the cause of defeat was because he got injured by the surprise attack by Ron before the day he fought with Rio. Rio left an unpleasant feeling for a long time afterwards which in time became his motivation to become stronger. When Rio was defeated by Super GekiRed, Rio suspected his rival Jan to be the heir of Dan himself. He is first mentioned by Rio in Episodes 18 & 21. He appears in flashbacks in Episodes 39-40. As Suugu, he first appears at the end of Ep. 38. When Jan destroyed Suugu at his request after being wounded, Dan appeared before his son to tell him to find his own path in Ep. 45.

Jan's mother and Dan's wife, she seemed to be a GekiJyuKen user as well. In Episode 46, Gorrie tapped Jan's memories, causing him to remember a particular incident. The village where the family lived in was being flooded by a large storm. Jan as a child and his mother were confronted by Ron. She dropped a Jan on a log into a river to safety. She was murdered by Ron. She had a necklace with a picture of her and her family that was the only thing left for Jan. Jan found it in Episode 42, when Jan and ShaFu went back to where the village was.

Boukenger and Morio Makino
Morio Makino and Miki Misaki met at the Dino House from the Abaranger series, so they are aquiantances. Shizuka of the Wind stole a red jewel from SCRTC and a battle between the three Gekiranger, Natsuki, Souta, and Masumi had occurred. The jewel was eventually stolen by Akashi, that shocked everyone that he was back from space. DaiVouager then landed at RinJyuDen that distracted Mele, Sakura stole the blue jewel from them. Akashi convinced Rio and Mele to join them to revive a great power. Akashi risked everything by putting the jewels in their places, but Pachacamac XII had possessed sakura's body and held her hostage along as Akashi played along and he let her go. Once released, the Boukenger were reunited and joined with the Gekiranger, the two teams learned to unite heart and Bouken Spirits to defeat their enemy. Sakura also began calling Akashi by 'Satoru-san.'