The three Gekibeasts that make the GekiTouja are basically aura clones of the Gekirangers created through the Fierce Technique - Double Double Clone Fist. When they call them, the beast aura apears and they jump in them, making them corporal and then form the GekiTouja.

Height: 22.5m | Width: 32.7m | Length: 49.7m | Weight: 1400 tons
Speed: 420km/h | Power Output: 900
GekiRed's GekiBeast. Jan was able to produce the aura in episode 1. In Episode 26, Gou is able to call for GekiTiger with his GekiWaza. Because it comes from GekiWolf, it looks violet first but then returns to its normal color.

Height: 20.4m | Width: 12.4m | Length: 38.8m | Weight: 350 tons
Speed: 600km/h | Power Output: 300
GekiYellow's GekiBeast. Ran was able to produce the aura in episode 1. GekiCheetah is targeted in Episode 25 by Confrontation Beast Baboon-Fist user Hihi and Ran is injured as a result. GekiWolf takes Cheetah's place on GekiTouja from that point.

Height: 19.1m | Width: 12.4m | Length: 44.7m | Weight: 350 tons
Speed: 510km/h | Power Output: 300
GekiBlue's GekiBeast. Retsu was able to produce the aura in episode 1. In Episode 26, Gou is able to conjure GekiJaguar from GekiWolf, it looks violet first but then returns to its normal color.

Height: 22m | Width: 22m | Length: 32m | Weight: 1800 tons
Speed: 360km/h | Power Output: 600
By Master Elphan Kimpo's urging, the Gekiranger combine their Geki Waza energy to give this Legendary GekiBeast a corporeal form in Episode 11. The Elephant can toss a ball, formed the trio, with his trunk unto the enemy. It forms an armor for GekiTouja and together they are called GekiElephanTouja.

Height: 19.7m | Width: 79.1m | Weight: 990 tons | Speed: Mach 3
Power Output: 660
After GekiBlue mastered the GekiFan thanks to Bat Li, they made this Legendary GekiBeast gain its physical state in Episode 14.

Height: 18.7m | Width: 29.7m | Length: 51.2 m | Weight: 990 tons
Speed: 90 (depending on resistance) | Power Output: 900
GekiRed had successfully mastered the GekiSaber in virtue of Sharkie Chan, the Gekiranger formed this Legendary GekiBeast in Episode 17, but it attacked them after fending off Dokariya. He was under the infulence of Dokariya's Ringi Hontai Shudatsu Uchi. Bat Li came in and blocked off an attack from GekiShark in Episode 18. Elehan then avised the Gekiranger to use GekiElephanTouja against it and they subdued GekiShark. He later was on their side and transformed into GekiSharkTouja to finally destory Dokariya.

Height: 30.8m | Width: 41.2 | Length: 21.4m
Weight: 2100 tons | Speed: 510km/h | Power Output: 1500
Super GekiRed's GekiBeast that he obtains after mastering the Gorilla-Fist style. GekiGorilla its debuts in Episode 21. It can hang on and swing on the jet flames from GekiPenguin's Jetboard. It can also create a spectrum force that GekiPenguin surfs on to attack the foe. It can headbutt and punch the foe.

Height: 21.7m | Width: 10.6m | Length: 52.7m
Weight: 750 tons | Speed: Mach 3.6 | Power Output: 600
Super GekiYellow's GekiBeast that she obtains from mastering the Penguin-Fist style. GekiPenguin forms the lower right leg of GekiFire with its Jetboard, that it surfs on. GekiPenguin its debuts in Episode 21. The Penguin and its Jetboard can be pushed or used in some way by the other GekiBeasts.

Height: 27m | Width: 19m | Length: 28m
Weight: 750 tons | Speed: 600km/h | Power Output: 600
GekiGazelle is Super GekiBlue's GekiBeast that he obtains from mastering the Gazelle-Fist style. It debuts in Episode 21. GekiGazelle can kick back with its hooves and jettison GekiPenguin's Jetboard as well. It can attack with its horns as well.

Height: 33.6m | Width: 12.4m | Length: 41.0m
Weight: 350 tons | Speed: 600km/h | Power Output: 800
GekiViolet's GekiBeast. Appears in episode 25. It excels in a biting attack. It does a spin and slash attack called Rou Rou Dan. His tail can detach and is gripped in its mouth and uses a slash attack.