Height: 60m
Width: 44m
Length: 17.5m
Weight: 3600 tons
Speed: 540km/h
Power Output: 2700
GekiBeasts: GekiGorilla, GekiPenguin, GekiGazelle
Geki Fire is formed by three GekiBeasts the Gekiranger obtained in Episode 21 by mastering the Extreme Qi power, the Kangeki. GekiGorilla forms the head, arms, torso, and upper legs. GekiGazelle forms the lower left leg. GekiPenguin forms the lower right leg with its Jetboard. GekiFire's Gekiwaza is Firm Knuckle Drop.
Height: 73.5m
Weight: 4590 tons
GekiBeasts: GekiShark, GekiGorilla, GekiPenguin, GekiGazelle
GekiFire combines with GekiShark to become GekiSharkFire, first in Episode 22. It gives GekiFire blade weapons to use in much of the fashion of the GekiSabers. GekiSharkFire can perform the Great Firm Slash and the Great Gan Gan Cut attacks respectively.
Height: 60.0m
Weight: 5400 tons
GekiBeasts: GekiElephant, GekiGorilla, GekiPenguin, GekiGazelle
GekiFire combines with GekiElephant to become GekiElephantFire, first in Episode 23. It wields a flail-like EleHammer. GekiElephantFire performs the attack Great Firm Ball.
Height: 62.2m
Weight: 4500 tons
GekiBeasts: GekiBat, GekiGorilla, GekiPenguin, GekiGazelle
GekiFire combines with GekiBat to become GekiBatFire, first in Episode 24. It's attack is Great Degree Fan. GekiBat's wings not only give GekiFire its gift of flight, they also serve as blades to spin around itself.