Full Name: Mele
Weapons: Sais
Height: 184cm
Weight: 55kg
Rinbeast: RinChameleon

A RinJyu-Chameleon Fist expert kyonshi. She is unforgiving and finds satisfaction in intimidating the weak. However, she stands by her principle that she is a 'fair and square' sort of woman. She is deeply in love with Rio. She possesses a more powerful Beastman Form and has two Sais as weapons and uses her long tongue to either play with Rio or as a weapon when she chooses. Rio labeled her tongue technique as 'lacking in both efficiency and force.' Her deep devotion and love for Rio is explained in Episode 9. She was originally a Rinrinshi and was infused with enough Rinki by Rio to be completely human-like, bringing her back to life as she has the same need for strength as he does. Mele proves her loyalty to Rio when Braco offered her a second chance to be completely alive. They fought and he knocked her back into her original Rinrinshi form and she was knocked off a cliff. She then fought the Gekiranger, admitting fighting is not her principle objective but that she was now their opponent.

They tried the GekiBazooka on her and she survived twice, to be able to face Braco. She was determined to learn it for Rio. Once withstanding their attack for a third time, she left content. Jan believes the reason the Bazooka couldn't destroy her is because she is Kenakena, not zowazowa like the other Rinrinshi. She killed Braco after snapping the three remaining True Poisons off him. She stated that being by Rio is life for her. She gave him the three poisons to Rio and he gave her his hand to stand her up, capturing her heart once more. What grows her concern is Rio's training with the Kata, one of the Kenma, whom objects her validity. She then requests Rio to revive the other two Kenmas and she revives Rageku on her own. Rageku sees the potential in her and wanted to teach her exclusively. Mele was modest about her skills but refused Rageku's offer when asked to fight the object of her affection. Rageku poisoned Rio and threatened his life to propell Mele into fighting ShaFu to the death. Mele used a new hidden ringi, the Mugen Reppa, that burns her own blood cells to give her more power.

She became rabid with anger attacks him with Ringi Zenkaido Raan, diving into the ground and then when she aimed to do her third blow, Rio stopped her. She fainted from exhaustion. After Rio proved himself to Rageku and both Mele and Rio became Rageku's students. In Episode 23, the last Kenma Maku usurped Rio's leader position. She also met a mysterious man named Ron, who brings her hopes up in Rio gaining power once again after Maku taking over. She is the only one that Ron lets his presence be known for a great while. Mele is convinced by Ron to take out Gou to win back Rio. However, it resulted with her being the first to face and be defeated by GekiViolet, a humiliation that she managed to survive. In Episode 27, it is revealed that Bae lives off Mele's Rinki and if he is away from her for a long period, he will die. This comes true when he tries to help Gou with his werewolf problem. Mele revives Bae, explaining to him that he was part of her body when Rio revived them, so that makes Bae part of Rio's love. With her pride at stake, she will not let Bae's life end easily. In Episode 30, she contends Ken in a fair duel to obtain SouJyuTo so Rio can enter the Beast Origin Village, which he desires to meet 'god.' She refused to steal it from Ken, until Ron used her love for Rio to break her personal taboo and steal the artifact while Ken went after his sister she kidnapped. She gaining her own Dorinki as a result.

Once she frees Rio, she accompanies him to the Beast Origin Village, where her potential is unlocked due to SaiDain's Beast Power Blooming, despite being undead. In Episode 33, she got close to kissing Rio in the Edo Era, when he lost his memory and they were playing 'house' until Ron interupted. In Episode 37, she underwent the Blood-Oath Ceremony to harness the GenJyuKen's power, which resulted in her being reborn as a Phantom General with the Phantom-Beast Phoenix-Fist style. In Episode 45, when GekiRed defeated Rio in his GenJyuOu form, he grew giant and was unable to control the form. Mele screamed out to her love and only her voice was able to stop his rampage. He returned to normal size and Mele grabbed him to retreat, before he could question Ron. She was angry at Ron and knocked him out of the way twice. In Episode 46, Ron finally revealed his true colors to everyone, stressing that he controls Rio and made him who he is today. Mele took this personally, because she knows for a fact, when Rio revived her and touched her hand, it was out of his own free will and it wasn't determined by anyone else. She also feels responsible for Ron's deceit, apologizing to Rio for not discovering it sooner.

She believes if she knew what he was when he first came to her, she would have done something about it. Rio took a killing blow that was meant for Mele from Ron. Ron then punched Mele in the gut and took her hostage in order for Rio to continue with his plan. Ran, Retsu, Gou, Bae, and Ken head to the Confrontation Beast Hall dojo to save Mele and take on Ron. After much convincing by Jan, Rio came to save Mele. She joined Rio and the Gekiranger to defeat Ron. In Episode 48, She and Rio then went to SCRTC, but they were not accepted by Ran and Retsu, who can't forgive them for their sins. So, they undergo a ritual duel for forgiveness called the Fist Judgement. She and Rio knew full well that her life may be sacrificed in the process. After reminiscing about the time she spent in the RinJyuDen and it was then burned to the ground by Rio. Mele takes on Ran in the Fist Judgement, intending to end her life much to the others' surprise. Ron interfered and Mele pushed the Gekirangers out of the way to receive a fatal injury being munched by Ron's jaws. After some parting words to Rio, she dies in his arms. Her body turned to dust. When Rio died, her soul awaited him at the otherside in a brightly lit forest. In Episode 49, Mele and Rio guides the three Gekirangers inside an astral Confrontation Beast Hall, revealing the human Kenma before them and showing the path to unifying the two JyuKen schools.