Retsu Fukami, GekiBlue
Retsu Fukami, GekiBlue
Full Name: Retsu Fukami
Ranger Designation: GekiBlue, Super GekiBlue
Weapons: GekiTonfa, GekiFans, Super GekiClaw
Gear: GekiChanger
Gekibeast: GekiJaguar, GekiBat, GekiGazelle

Retsu Fukami is an employee of SCRTC, as well as a Fierce Beast Jaguar-Fist artist. His technique is the Fantastic Technique of GekiBlue. Retsu is very intelligent but can be egotistical, doesn't take interest in others, and gives an impression of extreme coldness. He sometimes mixes English when speaking. He knows various techniques and styles, incorporating them when training. His attention to beauty costs him stamina, making his "Body" his weakest point, which he had to hone, in order to best Pyon Biao to obtain the Kageki. He gave up a profitable painting career to become a Gekiranger and did not follow his promise to his older brother that he wouldn't fight. His brother was once a student of ShaFu as well and thought to be dead. Retsu was sent to learn under Master Bat Li, who was stubborn to teach another student after being disappointed with previous pupils who never learned this skill. Retsu admired Bat Li and after witnessing his abilities, he let him learn under him but told him to abandon all technique. Retsu was weary of this at first, but eventually let go of his mind and learned the skill to use the Geki Fans.

When Rio severely beaten the triad, ShaFu convinced Rio to spare them until they learnt the Extreme Ki, the Kangeki. The Gekiranger were challenged by the Master Triangle, Retsu eventually beat Pyon Biao and gained the Super GekiClaw to become Super GekiBlue. Retsu got the biggest shock when he found out that no only his brother was alive but had become a werewolf. Gou was disappointed that he did not abide by his promise, but once he saw he wasn't as vunerable as he thought and a great fighter that draws beauty from the battles, he accepted Retsu. But that doesn't mean Gou doesn't give Retsu a hard time. In Episode 38, Gou warns Retsu of being overzealous. Retsu was attacked by GenJyu Minotaur-Fist Shiyuu, but it seemingly didn't have any effect and Retsu thought it was nothing. Gou warned him that every attack has a reason. The attack did have an effect, it brought Retsu's mirror self from the mirror world and trapped Retsu within the mirror world.

The longer he would stay there, he would become the slave double. Luckily his brother saved him and he defeated his imposter twin. Retsu is very popular with the ladies, recieving flowers and candies every so often. In Episode 36, he goes after three female thieves with Elehan Kimpo and Sharkie that stole Elehan's Rasberry Diamond. One of the thieves, Cherry becomes smitten with Retsu. Retsu performs Sake Colored Dance Jaguar Drunk Ken on her disapproving sisters. After Ron was defeated by SaiDaiGekiRinTouja, Jan invites Rio and Mele to SCRTC. However, Ran and Retsu are relucant to have them live with them. Rio and Mele decide to undergo the Fist Judgement, knowing full well that their lives may be sacrificed in the process. Retsu takes on Rio in the Fist Judgement. During the final battle, Retsu is taken to an astral Confrontation Beast Hall, where he masters the RinJyu Jelly-Fist style, unifying both JyuKen schools. Retsu defeats Ron alongside both Jan and Ran, using his newfound abilities to seal Ron. After the battle is over, Retsu is seen teaching JyuKen to young children, one of them being Natsume, at SCRTC alongside Ran.