Ran Uzaki, GekiYellow
Ran Uzaki, GekiYellow
Full Name: Ran Uzaki
Ranger Designation: GekiYellow, SuperGekiYellow
Weapons: GekiTonfa, GekiHammer, Super GekiClaw
Gear: GekiChanger
Gekibeast: GekiCheetah, GekiElephant, GekiPenguin

Ran is not only employed by SCRTC but also a Fierce Beast Cheetah-Fist artist. She is referred to as the Honest Heart, Ran is meticulous everyday and refining her soul; She is conscientious and virtuous. She is the only daughter of a high-class family that also owns a gym. ShaFu recruited her with the condition that she would undergo a marriage interview when she came of age. This was arranged by Ran's mother to belief that it would safeguard her future. At first, Ran wanted to resign from learning the Beast Arts because she didn't think she was good enough but ShaFu told her to think her actions through. When in combat, she relies more on drive than technique. She excels in speed, but her reluctance to care for the small details make her 'technique' very poor. Ran being a fighter that gives 'heart' the highest place. Ran was the first to be trained by a Kensei and it was Elehan Kimpo. She had to overcome his fixation with her to learn how to master the Geki Hammer.

When Rio severely beaten the triad, ShaFu convinced Rio to spare them until they learned the Kageki. The Gekiranger were challenged by the Master Triangle, Ran tied with Michelle Peng in a skating challenge, working on her 'technique.' She received the Super Geki Claw to become Super Geki Yellow and conjure the Geki Penguin. She was recently appointed captain, which took her other teammates a while to get used to. With one of the Rinki of a Rinrinshi, she was turned into a sukeban, a 'delinquent girl.' With Miki's experience as a sukeban, she was able to snap out of it and overcome it. When her mother came to arrange her marriage interview, Ran had already decided her path in life was to protect the world. After some unsuccessful tactics orchestrated, it took an attack of GenJyuKen and Ran's courage to stand up to her mother, for her to approve of her following her own path. After Ron was defeated by SaiDaiGekiRinTouja, Jan invites Rio and Mele to SCRTC. However, Ran and Retsu are relucant to have them live with them. Rio and Mele decide to undergo the Fist Judgement, knowing full well that their lives may be sacrificed in the process. Ran takes on Mele in the Fist Judgement. During the final battle, Retsu is taken to an astral Confrontation Beast Hall, where she masters theRinJyu Hawk-Fist style, unifying Kata's style with her own. Along with Jan and Retsu, she defeats Ron, using her newfound power to seal him in a small ball. Some time after the defeat of Ron, Ran is seen alongside Retsu teaching JyuKen to young children at SCRTC.