Rin Beasts
Created from Rinki, they first appear in 'Movie Edition Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Nei-Nei! Ho-Ho! Hong Kong Decisive Battle.'

Rin Lion
Height: 22.8m | Width: 15.6m | Length: 51.4m | Weight: 1200 tons
Speed: 600 km/hr | Power Output: 1300
Rio's RinBeast that forms the upper body armor and sword for GekiRinTohja. RinLion's huge body is used to rush at an enemy hitting it with heavy attacks, along with use of its fangs and Blade Tail. It can also fire Rinki from its mouth in a Ringi called "Lion's Roar." Its aura form was first seen in Episode 4. It is seen in various episodes in Rio's attacks. It is seen in its physical episode in Episodes 33 and 47.

Rin Chameleon
Height: 5.2m | Width: 10.0m
Length: 16.3m | Weight: 200 tons
Speed: 500 km/hr | Power Output: 200
It is Mele's RinBeast and it forms a rope-gun that attaches to GekiRinTohja's left arm. RinChameleon can cloak itself and can extends its tongue to wrap around the opponent, with a Ringi called 'Bind Firmly.' The only time it appears in the show is Episode 33 and 47. They had formed GekiRinTouja twice, SaiDaiGekiRinTouja once, and GekiRinToujaWolf in 'Gekiranger vs. Boukenger.'