Rinrinshi >> Beast-Men List 2
[Listed are the monsters that appear in Episodes 23-25, 27-31 and 33]
Once going through many trails, a Rinshi crosses through the Trial Gates in the Confrontation Beast Hall, they can remove their masks and have an animal motif on their forehead, taking on the skills of the animal. When a Rinrinshi performs the Ringi Jujin Jashin Hen (Beast-Man Wicked Body Change), the individual turns into a Beast-Man. They perform Ringi, the Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata's counterpart to Gekiwaza. The techniques of Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts, with various fighting styles to match. They perform the Jashin Goten Hen (Wicked Body Overpowering Heavenly Change) to grow huge.

Height: 214 cm to 53.5m
Weight: 70kg to 17.5 tons
He is a Confrontation Beast Porcupine-Fist user that Ran battles and when she is not looking, he puts the Needle Sword Mountain Ringi on her which makes her a sukeban, a 'delinquent girl.' Marashiya also attacks with his spikes much like a porcupine. Ran is able to overcome the Rinki and Marashiya is destroyed by GekiElephantFire.

Height: 204 cm to 51.0m
Weight: 73kg to 18.2 tons
He is a Confrontation Beast Baboon-Fist user, he is Maku's personal bodyguard and as so, has mastered the DoRinki (Fury Confrontation Ki). He was thought to be defeated by GekiBatFire, but he was simply knocked out. Mele found him unconscious and knocked him awake with a boulder. He is still strong and on the rampage, blowing up buildings. The Gekirangers try another stategy with him and uses the GekiTouja when he grows once again. Hihi attacks GekiCheetah primarily and it weakens Ran in the process. Gou comes to the rescue and replaces GekiCheetah with his GekiWolf and they defeat Hihi with GekiToujaWolf.

Height: 209 cm to 53.2m
Weight: 81kg to 20.6 tons
This Confrontation Beast Archerfish-Fist master was given DoRinki by Maku as well. He battles the Gekiranger in GekiFire until ron uses Gou to turn on them. He leaves the giant battle to resume his destruction. GekiBlue and GekiYellow fought him on their own while Jan was keeping the werewolf Gou from damanging people. Soon after, a restored GekiViolet arrives and defeats Pouote, who enlarges and GekiTohja Wolf kills him, with GekiFire's help. He was a Living Beast-Men and had no Rinrinshi form.

Height: 221cm
Weight: 113kg
He is an Confrontation Beast Crocodile-Fist user that showed his Rinrinshi form first. Mele recruits Niwa to show Maku off and surprass the other two Kenma while Rio is away. He is one of the five top members that Rio revived. Maku let Niwa fight because he was intrigued that he wanted to do it without his DoRinki. Niwa overpowered GekiBlue, GekiYellow, and GekiViolet until Jan and Ken interupted with their own battle over food. He had a corkscrew attack cakked the Mudbank Torso-Snap and the Ten Thousand Stone Descend. He later fought the Super GekiBlue, Super GekiYellow, and GekiViolet until Super GekiRed arrived with Ken transforming into GekiChopper, who destroyed Niwa. He never grew giant.

Height: 214 cm to 53 m
Weight: 92 kg to 22.8 tons
Chouda is a Confrontation Beast Ostrich-Fist user brought in by Kata, powered by Dorinki. He runs in ridiculously fast and creates a lot of destruction in the city. He has a hyper active personality. Chouda battles GekiRed, GekiYellow, and GekiViolet by himself, not tolerating Mele's interference. He seems to be loosing to them but he is hit by them on purpose. Gou figures out that he modified himself the attacks wouldn't work anymore. He is defeated by a team finisher. He then becomes giant and GekiTohja Wolf battles him. The gang form GekiBatFire and with GekiTohja Wolf destroys Chouda. However, seconds before he dies, Chouda lays an egg that burrows underground and eventually hatches into a new Chouda--which was his secret Ringi. He has a deeper voice, can deflect their attacks and is much harder to beat. He finally defeated by Ken with the help of a group attack. He grows big again and GekiFire destroys him.

Height: 217 cm to 54.2 m
Weight: 92 kg to 23 tons
Tsuneki (Pronounced Zoo-neki) is a Confrontation Beast Fox-Fist User. He has eyeballs on his jacket. He is an archer, he shoots arrows at victims and takes the energy of their screams and terrors. He shoots an arrow in the sky and it creates a forcefield around the city. The forcefield called the Fox-Sky Big Bomb that expands and is suppose to blow up. Ken and Jan finish Tsuneki off with the Super Sai Blade and the forcefield is destroyed. He is finally destroyed by GekiElephantFire and GekiToujaWolf with a basketball-like attack.

Height: 211 cm to 52.6 m
Weight: 105 kg to 26.3 tons
A Confrontation Beast Anglerfish-Fist user sent by Rageku to keep the young JyuKen users in the Edo era. He is a Living Beast Man. He possesses one man named Kira, who is set to be killed by samuari for justified revenge. He took the SouJyuTo from Rio during the time warp. A man stole it from him, thinking it was a heirloom of Kira's. Mukoua stole the SouJyuTo back from the man. When swallows the SouJyuTo, Rio and Mele join with the Gekiranger to defeat him and destroyed by GekiRinTouja.