The Fist Saints (Kensei)
Long ago, there were ten JyuKen masters that used their techniques to transform themselves into anthropomorphic animals. Due to idealistic differences, three of them became the Three Fist Demons of the Confrontation Beast-Fist (RinJyuDen) and the remaining seven became the legendary Fist Saints who follow the Fierce Beast-Fist (GekiJuken) and styles. Both sides engaged the other in the GekiRin Rebellion, with the Fist Demons sealed away and the Fist Saints going into seclusion under a vow to never engage in battle again. Master ShaFu is the first to be revealed as a Fist Saint. The others have taught his Gekiranger students the weaponry techniques of their schools. The last three to be revealed as the Master Triangle, who fully mastered one of three major aspects of the Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts. They hail from different regions of the world. Each of the Fist Saints' names resemble those of martial art personalities. In Episode 32, the Kensei fought against the Kenma and unfortunately, were turned into a living stone and their lifeforce was drained by Maku for him to drink. They were saved and returned back to normal in Episode 35. In Episode 49, all the Kensei held Ron off with their Sage-Sage Bind.

Master Elehan Kimpo
The second legendary Fist Saint the Gekiranger encounter, he is the Fierce Beast Elephant-Fist master that relies on a ball and chain with his own brand of playful antics. He is an old friend of Master ShaFu and has an deviant fascination with women. He lives on Shibe Mountian where he tested the Gekirangers in the guise of a Mononoke, taking a package the
Gekiranger were given to deliever to him. When told of the Mononoke, Ran pictured a old man spirit, Retsu pictured a tree monster and Jan, a multi-eyed blob beast with fangs. Elehan, due to his somewhat depraved nature, chose Ran as his student of Elephant-Fist so she could master the GekiHammer. His motto is 'There is training while having fun', which gave Ran a hard time. Miki is concerned about his ways as she finds him unsavory. When he visits them, she fights him off her. He first appears in Episodes 10 through 12. He served as announcer instead of Bae in Episode 12. He was referenced in Episode 16. In episode 18, he and Bat Li comes to the Gekiranger's aid as soon as they heard that Sharkie was possessed. When they thought Sharkie had attack ShaFu, he wondered if the hatred in Sharkie's heart made him turn to the dark side. When Jan protested, Elehan made him realize that in that same fashion the Kenma betrayed them long ago. When Sharkie proved himself, he changed his mind like Bat Li. He later appears in episode 23 with Michelle Peng, it was revealed that he is the Plant Manager of SCRTC Meisters in episode 28 and 32 with the other Kensei. In Episode 36, Sharkie Chan and Retsu helped him moved and ended up getting drunk with three sister thieves. In Episode 49, he plays the condensed Ron ball as a billard ball. He continues being the plant manager of SCRTC Meisters, constantly bugging Ken.

Master Bat Li
The third legendary Fist Saint who is the master of the Fierce Beast Bat-Fist style. He wears attire based on the Bali Mythology of a spirit king known as Barong. Bat Li himself is stubborn and eccentric, he refused to teach anyone since being disappointed with past students, who couldn't master the style. He eventually decides to train Retsu after
witnessing the young pupil's abilties. He tells Retsu to abadon technique which Retsu doesn't understand. Eventually Retsu let his mind wonder and became one with the dance. Bat Li became quite enchanted with Retsu and ShaFu admitted that he knew he had to meet Retsu. Master ShaFu can hang upside down as well, like Bat li, who finds it relaxing. He appears in Episodes 13, 14, and referenced in Episode 16 and comes back in 18. In episode 18, he and Elehan comes to the Gekiranger's aid as soon as they heard that Sharkie was possessed. Bat Li doubted Sharkie's ablities as a master and didn't think it was wise for Jan to continue under his tutelage. That night, they believed Sharkie tried to assassinate ShaFu, he and his pupil Retsu, Elehan, and Ran went after Sharkie. The next day, they found Sharkie and tied him up. Once they realized the truth, they let him go and later embraced Sharkie as Jan's teacher. He laters appears in Episode 24 and 29, a woman named Hanyon, who had possession of the SouJyuTo, fell in love with Bat Li after he saved her, but he did not return the affection. Ken took her to him, where he does return her affection, in the form of the trinket she once gave him. Then in Episode 32, he joined the rest of the Kensei against the RinJyuDen. In the last episode, Ken suggests selling the condensed Ron-ball to Hanyon and Bat Li smacked him in head, saying he would not anyone cause harm to her.

Master Sharkie Chan
He is the master of the Fierce Beast Shark-Fist style that uses twin swords and lives on the Aozame Island. Jan amazes Sharkie with his skills in a canoe race with several tasks. He and Jan instantly get along. With Retsu and Ran on the other hand, he makes them do push-ups. Jan's success makes Sharkie cry, even to the point of running away to shed his tears.
Jan explains to Sharkie the feeling he feels for being an apprentince is 'Goro-Goro.' Sharkie is possessed by Dokariya, a Hermit Crab Fist user through Bae and turns on the Gekiranger. When he was about to kill Jan, he realized his folly and Dokariya was spit out. He still felt bad about it. Then much to his dismay, GekiShark turned against them through Dokariya's control. After the Gekiranger put GekiShark at bay, the Gekiranger and the three kensei had a camp out. Sharkie was very enthusiastic and fun-loving but Bat Li and Elehan reprimanded him, saying that allowing his body to possessed is a disgrace. Bat Li and Elehan believed he was not ready to be a mentor. Sharkie was distraught and told Jan he was 'Hamon'--expelled and swam away to cry in a cave. That night, someone tried to assassinate ShaFu and the Kensei believed it was Sharkie. The Kensei found Sharkie and tied him up but once they found out it was Miki possessed by Dokariya and Jan proved himself as a Fierce Beast Shark-Fist user, they accepted Sharkie as a mentor. ShaFu brought Sharkie to light to the point that not all mentors are perfect and that they must grow along with their teachers. He appears in Episodes 17 and 18. In Episode 22, It was found out that Sharkie is put in charge of the Ikigimo, the key to reviving the last Kenma but unfortunately he lost it in a tidal wave and it landed in the custody of a spoiled celeb. He also appeared in Episode 32. In Episode 36, he and Retsu helped Elehan moved and ended up getting drunk with three sister thieves.

Master Gorrie Yen
Nicknamed the Wild Wiseman, Gorrie represents the Raging Heart of the Master Triangle, and the Grand Master of the Fierce Beast Gorilla-Fist style. He was originally writing a novel in New York until he was summoned to train the Gekirangers in Episode 19, so they can save Master ShaFu from Rio. He decides to teach Jan the meaning
behind heart. The Gekiranger are to compete with the Master Triangle, Gorrie challenges Jan to stack coins vertically and Jan fails. With this new training, each Gekiranger gain a Super Gekiclaw. He appears in Episodes 19-22. He and Sharkie console Jan and are beaten up by mistake by a celeb named Alice who was in possesion of Land Fist Demon Maku's life organ. He laters appears in Episode 26 as the doctor of the JyuKen Consultation Office. He consults Jan, Gou, and even Rio, who comes to him asking if having the DoRinki will be enough to defeat Maku. He appeared with the rest of the Kensei to defend the Beast Origin Village in Episode 32. In Episode 46, he performed his Min Min Ken to put Jan in a trance to bring back a hidden memory. In Episode 49, he accidently swallows the Ron ball, thinking it was a fruit. Bat Li knocked it out of him.

Master Pyon Biao
He is nicknamed the Savanna Shortstop, Pyon Biao represents the Undying Body of the Master Triangle and the Grand Master of the Fierce Beast Gazelle-Fist style. He monitored a national park in Kenya until he was summoned to train the Gekirangers in Episode 19 and 20 to defeat Rio. He decides to teach Retsu to hone his body. Retsu and Pyon
combat in a bloody battle in a soccer field, the object was for Retsu to capture Pyon's bandanna. By letting go of the technique, Retsu succeeds. He later appears in Episodes 24 with Bat Li and 27, he finds Bae outside of the SCRTC building and is able to detect an interference to Gou's wolf transformation after ShaFu mentions it. He joined the rest of Kensei to defend the Beast Origin Village from Akugata in Episode 32. He helped Ken cheer up a foreign child missing his mother on Christmas in Episode 43 by dressing up as a reindeer.

Master Michelle Peng
Nicknamed the Splendid Fighting Goddess, Michelle represents the Supreme Technique of the Master Triangle, as well as being Grand Mistress of the Fierce Beast Penguin-Fist style that utilizes skating/snowboarding to fight. She is the director of SCRTC's Sweden branch, she recieves the summon to train the Gekirangers in Episode 19
and 20. She decides to teach Ran to perfect her techniques. Michelle does a spin technique on a skateboard on a Half Pipe and by taking Retsu's advice, so does Ran and they tie in the competition. She has very cheery attitude, and mostly serves as a sidekick. She later appears in Episodes 23 with Elehan Kimpo and as a nurse of the JyuKen Consultation Office in Episode 26 with Gorrie Yen. She joined the rest of the Kensei against the Confrontation Beast Hall in Episode 32. In Episode 44-45, Gou requests Ms. Peng to assist him in obtaining the Gekiwaza - Tenchi Tenbenda (Heaven and Earth Turning Transformation Strike), by practicing it on a waterfall--to make it flow backwards. This GekiWaza was once mastered by Bruce E, Michelle knew it in theory but she doesn't possess it.