A two piece three-buttoned henshin device used by the Gekiranger. The changer is attached to the wrist and knuckles of the wearer. By forming a Wushu hand formation and using the henshin call "Geki Waza!", the user transforms into a Gekiranger. The GekiChanger also can be used to perform various attacks, also known as Geki Waza.

GekiRed's personal numchuck weapon. Jan had trouble wielding it, Retsu showed him how but was not thrilled to show him.

GekiBlue and GekiYellow have two tonfa as side-arms. They can be used like normal tonfa, be combined together to form a bo staff called GekiTonfa Long Baton. GekiBlue primarily uses it as two individual bladed weapons called GekiTonfa Baton. The Gekiranger can conduct electricity and fearsome attacks from the weapons.

A cannon based on Master ShaFu for the three Gekiranger to combine their Geki Waza into it and perform the Geki Waza Geki Geki Hou, which Master ShaFu used to excel at. Miki rolls it on
a cart in Episode 8 to destroy Venom Fists Maga and Sorisa. Because of the three's current skill level, it would take two minutes to input the 'Geki' energy. Jan is chosen to protect the inputer because he is a beginner but it doesn't go well at the first try. When they are succesful, it turns the foe to stone and then blows up. In Episode 9, the Gekiranger train to make the charge blast faster. Jan stubbornly refers to the blast as 'pork beef stew' whch the others protest to.

A meteor hammer, a ball-like hammer attached to a chain given to GekiYellow once she mastered Master Elehan Kimpo's Fierce Beast Elephant-Fist with his training in Episode 11. The ball can be thrown to the enemy and wrapped around them to pull them. It was in a package the trio were sent to take to Elehan in Episode 10. Ran learns to master it by fishing, she swings the weapon like a fishing pole.

Two bladed-fan weapons wielded by GekiBlue as a result of Fierce Beast Bat-Fist. Retsu heads to train with Bat Li, a Fist Saint in Episode 13 and Miki sends Jan with the GekiFan in Episode 14. He forms two in battle, called Double GekiFan.

Two shark-themed bladed weapons GekiRed obtained after training in Fierce Beast Shark-Fist with another Fist Saint. The weapons were in a package in a canoe the Gekiranger had to complete a race in Episode 17. When
Jan didn't know what to do with them, Sharkie Chan reminded him to use them in the skills he demonstrated in the race. In episode 18, Sharkie told Jan to combine the two swords, Twin Sword Combination Mode. It gives off its own attack.

Super GekiClaws
Once the Gekirangers pass the Master Triangle in contests, they are given handheld items that allow them to become the Super Gekirangers. The claws are activated by slapping the side. It reacts to the righteous heart, when they want to protect people, not for personal gain. The red one was first seen in Episode 19 and all three in Episode 20.

Gou uses this henshin device mounted on his wrist to become GekiViolet. When he was unable to use the GekiChangers, the GongChanger was created by SCRTC (i.e. Miki) to harness the Gou's own personal Shigeki (Violet Fierce Ki) as a power source for the wolf-shaped device. It also be used as a means for his Gekiwaza offensives. It was first seen in Episode 25.

GekiChopper's right-hand gaunlet that also enables him to transform. It has two modes, one being the SaiBlade Finger that blasts like a gun and the blade-like SaiBlade Cutter. It was first seen in Episode 28. Super GekiRed can use the SaiBlade in combination with the Super GekiClaw to create the Super SaiBlade. This was first done in Episode 31.

It first appears in Episode 29. A legendary katana that can summon SaiDain, originally used by Brusa E. It was used by the Kensei to end the battle with Confrontation Beast Fist. It's a treasure of the Beast-Fist and it's said that Brusa E's power dwells within it, allowing the user to tear down the Sevenfold Barrier of Seven Sages and invoke SaiDain's power. It was entrusted to Ken, he sold it and it ended up in the hands of a woman who wa sin love with Bat Li. Ken managed to get it back but lost it again when Mele took it underhandily. Rio and Mele used it to enter the Beast Origin Village.