The Zyudenryu are sentient dinosaurs given power by Torin to fight the Deboss Army during their first invasion. After defeating the Deboss Army for the first time, the Zyudenryu entered a long sleep in various parts of the world until they were reawakened in response to the returned threat. When a Zyudenchi is used, the Kyouryu Spirit within the Zyudenchi causes the Zyudenryu to become a more powerful Battle Mode, which allow them to be more suitable for combat and combine with other Zyudenryu.
Gabutyra is a red Tyrannosaurus that normally resides in the volcano of a jungle island in the south seas until summoned. Gabutyra became Kyoryu Red's partner after Daigo had defeated the Zyudenryu. Despite losing, Gabutyra was reluctant to place Daigo in harm's way and acted rash when attempting to destroy Debo Hyogakki before Daigo convinces the Zyudenryu to let him fight by his side. When Gabutyra enters its Battle Mode, the crest on the back of its head raises.
Parasagun is a black Parasaurolophus that is normally hidden near an old castle in Europe until summoned. Parasagun became Kyoryu Black's partner after Ian had defeated the Zyudenryu in combat. When Parasagun enters its Battle Mode, its tail becomes a rifle.
Stegotchi is a blue Stegosaurus whose home is underground North Pole until called. Stegotchi became Kyouryu Blue's partner after Nobuharu had defeated the Zyudenryu in combat. When Stegotchi enters its Battle Mode, a blade grows on it's back.
Zakutor is a green Velociraptor which normally resides in a bamboo thicket somewhere in the mountains of Japan until summoned. Zakutor became Kyoryu Green's partner after Souji had defeated the Zyudenryu in combat. When Zakutor enters its Battle Mode, its tail becomes a large claw.
Dricera is a pink Triceratops that is usually hidden near the Grand Canyon in the United States until summoned. Dricera became Kyoryu Pink's partner after Amy had defeated the Zyudenryu in combat. When Dricera enters its Battle Mode, its tail becomes a drill.
Pteragordon was a Zyudenryu sealed away by Torin on Gabutyra's island so the other Zyudenryu would look after his kin during the conflict between the Deboss Army after sustaining an injury after his partner was "killed", Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos had created a evil-laced copy of Pteragordon's Beast Battery before the Army's big freeze, allowing him to undo Pteragordon's seal to complete his plot of controlling the Zyudenryu to destroy the Kyoryugers and humanity by handing it's control over to Raging Knight Dogold.However, Pteragordon was freed from the forces from the Deboss Army when his sealed-away partner was infused with Brave energy from Torin, Daigo, and Ramirez and broke out of Dogold, allowing the Zyudenryu to destroy the fake Beast Battery the Deboss Army had created, then rearmed his partner with the Gabrichanger and his true Beast Batteries. When the command Kaminari Henki (Thunder Transformation) is given, it can transform into PteraidenOh.
Ankydon is the Ankylosaurus-themed Zyudenryu that was Kyoryu Cyan's partner. This Zyudenryu is usually hidden deep underground in a rock quarry cavern until summoned. When assuming Battle Mode, his tail flips out to reveal a hammer. When combined with a Zyuden Giant, Ankydon's tail is then called the Ankydon Hammer. In modern times, poor Ankydon was rudely awaken from his resting place by a Debo Monster it had once fought before and forced it into a rampage. Later, Amy managed to get Debo Viruson out of Ankydon's Beast Battery by using the Stymero Beast Battery at Debo Viruson and exited, with the lovestruck Debo Monster following the Horned Heroine, freeing Ankydon from his control. This allowed Ramirez to transform into Kyoryu Cyan once more, and allowed the Kyoryugers to form Kyoryuzin Macho. It forms the Right Arm to any combination whether it be Kyoryuzin Macho, Kung-Fu, PteraidenOh Macho, or SpinDaiOh
Bunpachy is one of the ten Legendary Zyudenryu that is partnered with Tessai/Kyoryu Gray that is themed after a Pachycephalosaurus. This Zyudenryu is usually normally hidden behind the Mannen Falls in China until summoned. When assuming Battle Mode, his "forehead" deattaches to become a spiked flail for a tail, all while revealing his true forehead, which resembles a yellow hard hat on his head. When combined with a Zyuden Giant, Bunpachy's flail is then called the Bunpachy Ball. Bunpachy was sought after by Ramirez, who is close to finding the wayward modified dinosaur. Bunpachy was later found along with the Spirit of his partner, who trains the modern-day Kyoryugers to see if they are worthy of recieving Bunpachy's power. It replaces the Left arm on any combination whether it be Kyoryuzin Kung-Fu, PlezuOh Bunpachy, Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin, or SpinDaiOh.
Plezuon is one of the Ten Legendary Zyudenryu that is partnered with Dr. Ulshade/Kyoryu Violet and then later by his granddaughter Yayori Ulshade/Kyoryu Violet II. It is themed after a Plesiosaurus. Originally it use to be a completely aquatic zyudenryu until it was modified for space travel when it was given a Rocket Mode. After the first four Kyoryuger of the team fought their first battle with the Deboss Forces, when Zorima appeared across the globe, he and his partner launched into space, confident the Earth was in safe hands, and the two began studying nearby asteroids that Deboss had arrived in. Plezuon agreed to ally himself to the Kyoryuger team once they returned to earth, as to allow Doctor Ulshade to retire. This Zyudenryu is normally hidden in the Plezuon Lab's dock until summoned. When assuming Battle Mode while in Rocket Mode, the folded-up wings are deployed. Upon his initial return to Earth, the Deboss reacted to Plezuon with fear; they resurrected all three Zetsumates in an attempt to destroy Plezuon. Plezuon survived, however, and was given over to Kyoryu Red, who used Plezuon's PlezuOh formation to destroy Debo Nagareboshi once more.
A Brachiosaurus that agreed to be modified to fight the Deboss Army in ancient times. However, while facing Deboss, Bragigas was shocked that the Guardians were murdered by Great Land Devil Gadoma. He fossilized their spiritual forms and creating the Guardians' Secret Stones in the process. He was forced to use the Gigant Cannon to defeat both Deboss and Gadoma in one hit at cost of its own life. It resulted in the powerless Bragigas being dragged underground by Gadoma. In present day, Dantetsu Kiryu and the Kyoryugers searched for and managed to locate the fragments of the Guardians which were then used to revive Bragigas. Afterwards, Torin had rerouted the path to the Spirit Base directly to Bragigas. However, the Deboss crippled the Kyoryugers by using Gadoma's curse to warp the Brave energy inside the Charge Box, making the Kyoryugers unable to use their Brave effectively as well as making Bragigas ill. Eventually, the Kyoryugers overpowered the curse of Gadoma, allowing Bragigas to appear in the city and clashed with the Great Land Devil, destroying Gadoma once and for all.
Tobaspino is a navy and yellow Spinosaurus that was modified to fight the Deboss Army. Eons later, poor Tobaspino was awoken and become forcefully controlled by Deathryuger. He is Zyudenryu #00, as he was created before the 10 Great Zyudenryu were. When entering Battle Mode, the boomerang pops up from within Tobaspino's spine. He can combine with Ankydon and Bunpachy to form Kamitsuki Gattai SpinoDai-Oh. However, when Chaos learned of his existance, he retaliated by creating the first Knight, D. D, as the Ferocious Knight, drove Tobaspino berserk, letting him to take control of the Zyudenryu. The two almost caused the exinction of the dinosaurs, but a human priestess nearby at the time began singing. Her song cleared Tobaspino's mind, allowing him to defeat D. Soon after, he went deep underground to sleep, nearby what would later be the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum.