Tessai, Kyoryu Gray
Full Name: Tessai
Ranger Designation: Kyoryu Gray
Gear: MoBuckle, Bunpachy Zyudenchi
Special Attack: Tessaiken (Iron Shattering Fist), Gekiretsu Toppa (Violent Charge)
Zyudenryu: Bunpachy

Tessai is the second Spirit Ranger to reveal himself and is the first Kyoryuger ever. He does not appear until after Utsusemimaru joins the team. He is a focused martial artist from 6th century China who regards himself as an embodiment of the Yinyang concept while causing him to be remarkably hard-headed, his signature move is the Tessai-Ken Violent Charge. When the Deboss Army attacked his homeland long ago, Tessai became the partner of Bunpachy and fought the threat as Kyoryu Gray while hiding his personal fear of losing his loved ones. In present day, sensing that the Deboss Army have gotten stronger, Tessai travels to Japan to provide the current team with Bunpachy. However, seeing them in action against Debo Nagareboshi, Tessai deems only Utsusemimaru a worthy person to entrust his Zyudenryu to and decides to test the main Kyoryugers' worth. Although the rest of the team passes his trials, Tessai deems Daigo a hopeless cause and offered him one last chance to prove himself by facing him in the Dusk Forest.

But as eventually revealed, the man disguising himself as a fisherman, Tessai was helping Daigo to understand what he fears to enable him to become stronger. After giving the Kyoryugers Bunpachy, Tessai begins searching for Bragigas alongside Ramirez.After Torin is killed by Dantetsu so he can destroy the Darkness of Earth from inside Deboth Hell, Tessai joins him along with Ramirez, passing his powers on to his distant descendant, manga artist Shinya Tsukouchi, who becomes the new Kyoryu Gray in the final battle.As Kyoryu Gray, Tessai announces himself as the "Charging Brave." Tessai is portrayed by Masayuki Deai, who previously portrayed Eiji Takaoka/Bouken Silver in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.