Rocket Henkei Plezu-Oh is the Zyuden Giant mode of Plezuon, and it is the strongest form of Plezuon. It's left arm can be used in a rocket punch-like attack in the Plezu Knuckle attack. Plezu-Oh's finishing attack is the Plezu-Oh Brave Finish, where Plezu-Oh pumps the grip on the throat of it's Plezu Cannon arm cannon 3 times, making Ulshade's voice count backwards from 3 in Japanese, and then fires an intense laser at the target.

Plezu-Oh Bunpachy Plezu-Oh Bunpachy
Plezu-Oh Bunpachy is the Biting Combination of Plezuon and Bunpachy. It was used to fight against an enlarged Debo Hyogakki. One of it's moves is the Rocket Bunpachy Ball, where Plezu-Oh jumps into the air and spins at high speeds, sending the Ball smashing into anything unfortunate to get in its way. It's finisher is the Plezu-Oh Bunpachy Brave Finish, where Plezu-Oh hits the enemy with the Rocket Bunpacky Ball then fires with the Plezu Cannon.

Plezu-Oh Parasagun Plezu-Oh Parasagun
It is the Biting Combination between Plezuon and Parasagun. This combination was used as a two-prong attack against an enlarged Resentful Knight Endolf. It's finisher is the Plezu-Oh Parasagun Brave Finish, where the Zyuden Giant unleashes intense beams from the Plezu Cannon and the Parasa Beam Gun after self-pumping the handle thrice.

Plezu-Oh Zakutor Plezu-Oh Zakutor
It is the Biting Combination between Plezuon and Zakutor. This formation was part of a two-prong attack against an enlarged Endolf. After Plezu-Oh Parasagun fired it's Zyuden Brave Finish, the Zyuden Giant switched out for Zakutor and tried to slash the Resentful Knight when he was holding off the previously fired finisher, but Endolf surprisingly caught the Zakutor Sword via the two side blades. He then thrust the Zakutor Sword into his chest right where the mirror was. He then threw Plezu-Oh aside and commanded Luckyuro to use the Shrink Ball on him, and then they retreat from the fight and took Aigaron with them.

Plezu-Oh Ankydon Plezu-Oh Ankydon
It is the Biting Combination between Plezuon and Ankydon. It was used against two Cambrima under the guidance of Debo Spokorn. They were swiftly destroyed by a shot from the Plezu Cannon and a solid hit with the Ankydon Hammer.

Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin
It is the combination of Zyudenryu Gabutyra, Bunpachy, and Plezuon. It can attack with Zyuden Exploding Storm, where it shoots a Deboss cell-destroying beam from Gabutyra's mouth. As such, it acts as a paralyzing agent, allowing Bakuretsu Plezu-Oh time to fire the finisher. Said finisher is the Electro-Beast Cannon Exploding Brave Finish, where it shoots a powerful beam in the shape of Plezuon's head and neck from the Plezu Cannon after the grip pumps itself back three times, hitting the target. The attack is powerful enough to lift Deboss himself high into the air. Though Bunpachy serves as the left arm of Bakuretsu Plezu-Oh whenever it is formed. English translation is Explosive Biting Combination Exploding Dinosaur God.