Wise God Torin, Kyoryu Silver
Full Name: Wise God Torin
Ranger Designation: Kyoryu Silver
Gear: Giga Gaburivolver
Zyudenryu: Bragigas

Torin is the humanoid bird-like mentor of the Kyoryugers who has existed for billions of years, armed with the Feather Edge sword. Originally known as Demon Sword High Priest, he was a member of the Deboss Army who was created to attack Earth as the first wave. Nonetheless, Torin came to love the planet's beauty and resolved to protect Earth's life forms. He was unable to rescue the dinosaurs from extinction caused by the invasion, and watched his partner Bragigas sacrifice himself to damage the heart of their foe. Torin did managed to freeze Deboss' body while injuring his older brother Chaos. Mortally wounded from the battle, Torin used what remained of Bragigas to create the Spirit Base under the "Golden Land", what would become Japan, and dedicated himself to keep the Deboss Army from fully resurrecting. Having met a race of prehistoric people and hearing their music, Torin was inspired to form the Kyoryugers to fight the Deboss Army. Other than teleportation, Torin can sense Deboss cell-based beings like himself, fire energy orbs, and wield his Feather Edge sword in battle. Torin has a habit of snapping his feathered fingers whenever he says the word Brave.

Despite having considerable power and combat prowess, Torin is unable to fight for extended periods because of injuries. If he is outside the Spirit Base for too long and exerts himself too much, he will become a stone statue. He can heal inside the Spirit Base. Torin ultimately kept his origins a secret from the Kyoryugers until Chaos formulated a scheme with Endolf to not only satisfy his own revenge, but also to expose his younger brother's true nature to the Kyoryugers by using Canderrilla to revive the darkness within Torin. Forcefully enlarged, Torin only regains enough control of himself to force Kyoryuzin's Goren Zyudenken through his body. While dying, he explained he was not an exception to what he said about anything that could lead to the resurrection of Deboss and had no regrets. Torin effectively dies afterwards as he reverts to his original size while petrified.

The Kyoryugers revive Torin by singing 'Dino Soul' along with the gathered Lost Stones. After being reunited with Bragigas, Torin gained the Giga Gaburivolver as a means to enter the Spirit Base once it is reintegrated back into the Zyudenryu. Torin thought himself unfit to truly be Bragigas' partner as due to him being the scion of Deboss, he believes that he lacks the ability to manifest Brave. Yayoi convinces him otherwise, stating that he is not as weak as he thought himself to be. With Daigo's reminder of what Brave is later, he realizes that his body became weak due precisely due to Brave manifesting within him. Accepting now that he is now more an embodiment of Brave than a scion of Deboss, beginning when he sided with the dinosaurs and humans over the ages, Torin gains the ability to become Kyoryu Silver. As Kyoryu Silver, able to use the Feather Edge in his Torinity Straizer attack, he introduces himself as the "Flashing Brave".

With the help of Tessai temporarily altering the Maximum Zyudenchi, Torin once takes on a human form to help Souji with his parents under the alias of Torii. Though Torin attempted to help in stopping Deboss' evolution, he is defeated and then killed by Dantetsu. It was the intention of Deboss for Torin die as a renegade member of the Deboss Army rather than as Kyoryuger. However, Torin having met up with Dantetsu prior, this was actually part of their plan to defeat the Deboss Army as Torin proceeds to fight his way through the deceased Debo Monsters to destroy Deboss Hell so Deboss' death would be permanent.